Cover Letter

Office Manager

As this is a working from home position, my client was concerned that there would be a deluge of applicants, however, I am confident that I have addressed all the essential and desirable criteria and provided her with a strong application.

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Mining Engineer

Qualified mining engineer who has been working outside of his preferred field due to uncertain economic times, looking to re-enter his preferred industry

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Graduate Nurse

The client had qualified as a nurse overseas and had recently completed the conversion course to work in Australia. She had also undertaken a master’s degree and was waiting on her registration to be finalised. With no specific role to apply for, but with a desire to work within the aged care area, I created a resume that highlighted her skills in this area.

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Administration and Teaching Resume and Cover Letter

Although challenging, I identified the core skills relevant to administrative roles, whilst highlighting experience that were transferable to the teaching sector. Throughout our consultation, I was able to appreciate the client’s situation and relate to her in order to provide genuine personal documents.

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