Selection Criteria

Mentoring Beginning Teacher EOI

With the perfect mix of information and examples, I was able to put together a strong and competitive application for this client, clearly showing the school why he would be the best person for a mentoring role. This included integrating the school’s strategic plan and elements of the APST.

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Selection Criteria for APS 5 Role

Highly qualified in economics and management, and multilingual with four languages, this client had been working in unrelated fields since moving to Australia several years previously. He was now seeking a public service position at APS5 level in a completely different and very specific area. He needed to address two key selection criteria for the position, at a maximum of 500 words per point.

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Selection Criteria for Senior Nursing Position

Engaging Select Resumes to update her resume to support her application for a new position, this client, a senior nurse, decided to have us write her response to the position’s selection criteria. Applicants needed to demonstrate, in a two-page document, five key technical and behavioural capabilities, and their knowledge and experience, within the context of the responsibilities described under 11 key accountabilities. In addition, the client asked for her domain responsibilities to be incorporated into the answers. Together we went through the responsibilities and discussed the most appropriate ways to address these.

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Selection Criteria for Community Engagement Officer APS 5

Seeking to change direction in her career, this client was applying for an Australian Public Service position in a field that was largely new to her. Wishing to ‘get out from behind a desk’ the client wanted a position that more fully utilised her excellent communication and interpersonal skills and her innate desire to help people.

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