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 Select Resumes offers the services you need, if you:

  • are addressing key selection criteria
  • are preparing a cover letter
  • are negotiating your next career move

At Select Resumes, we are proud that our interview success rate is currently over 80%.

How do we achieve this? It’s simple. We know what employers are looking for.

Select Resumes Expertise

We have vast collective experience in public sector recruitment. We have:

  • helped develop selection criteria assessment for recruitment processes
  • sat on interview panels in public sector recruitment
  • reviewed and scored public sector selection criteria responses.

In short, Select Resumes’ selection criteria writers have an expert understanding of what managers are looking for when reviewing selection criteria.Selection Criteria Writing

Key Selection Criteria: Getting You Onto The Shortlist

The goal of your job search is shortlisting for an interview. At Select Resumes, we will help you decode job advertisements and key selection criteria. We will listen to you, and translate and tailor your skills, achievements and experience into a format that employers want to read.

Government employers, whether federal, state or local, use selection criteria at all levels. Many more other employers for example in the corporate, health, education, not-for-profit and other sectors also require applicants to address key selection criteria.

Still other employers will expect you to address the criteria in the job description in a brief or detailed cover letter.

At Select Resumes, we have vast collective experience in successfully writing selection criteria that gets results – that is, shortlisting for an interview.

Key Selection Criteria: Understanding Their Purpose

Public sector and other roles require responses to key selection criteria.

What are key selection criteria? Your responses to key selection criteria are your statement about your ability to perform the role. Many roles will ask you to respond to 5 to 8 criteria covering the key skills, education and experience you need to succeed in the role.

Your responses to the key selection criteria demonstrate more than that, however. When written well, they demonstrate your written communication skills.

Managers and panels have limited time and will discard applications that do not address the key selection criteria directly, relevantly, succinctly and impressively.

Your responses to the selection criteria must be of the highest standard if you wish your application to be seriously considered.

If you are serious about gaining an interview for a position use the contact us button or book a key selection criteria writer today on 1300 614 714.

Our Key Selection Criteria Process

We provide a minimum 45-minute consultation with an experienced selection criteria writer to draw out the raw information to prepare your responses with. We then professionally address each key selection criterion. We will ensure that each point is answered with:

  • relevance
  • concrete examples
  • brevity
  • a coherent structure
  • keywords
  • truthfulness and positivity
  • tailoring to the advertisement or job description
  • professional-standard writing.

We will demonstrate that you can do the job including with transferable skills and guarantee you a good individual score for each criterion.

After your consultation and one of our selection criteria writers has written your responses, a Select Resumes editor will grade and polish your selection criteria document to ensure perfection.

We are proud of our excellent selection criteria writer rates and believe in charging competitive prices for these services.

Selection Criteria Writing

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Key Selection Criteria

We are proud of our excellent selection criteria writer rates and do not believe in charging unrealistic rates

Our Selection Criteria Team

The team of selection criteria writers at Select Resumes are hand-picked for their interpersonal as well as their outstanding writing skills. They have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the job market.

Importantly, they are highly trained and experienced in deciphering job advertisements and position descriptions. They know how to understand what the employer is looking for and how to target your responses to meet those expectations.

They will take the time to make sure they gain an excellent understanding of your skills, experience and achievements, including how they can transfer to a new role. They will present your case to your potential employer in a winning way.

Professionally written key selection criteria will prepare you for the job market
Professionally written key selection criteria will prepare you for the job market

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State Government Selection Criteria

New South Wales
Western Australia
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia
Northern Territory
New South Wales

As Australia’s biggest employer, the NSW Government employs almost 400,000 staff across the state. New role vacancies are advertised on their I Work For NSW website across a range of NSW Government Agencies, including:

  • Education
  • Family and Community Services
  • Finance, Services and Innovation
  • Health
  • Justice
  • Transport
  • Planning and Environment

Due to the flexible work arrangements, challenging and rewarding work and opportunities for career advancement, roles within the NSW Government are in high demand. With a wide array of roles available, from entry level positions to specialist roles, as well as senior management and executive roles, the NSW Government has opportunities for all stages of your career.

Application Process

The NSW Government application process typically requires candidates to submit:

  • A resume of no more than 5 pages, that is clear, organised and showcases your experience that is most relevant to your targeted role
  • A cover letter providing a brief introduction to yourself and your skills, achievements and experience
  • A one to two page statement addressing the targeted questions outlined in the role description

Depending on the role you are applying for, the application requirements can vary, so it is necessary to carefully read the role description to understand what is needed.

Role vacancies advertised on the NSW Government website request responses to targeted questions that are based around the capabilities and competencies necessary to fulfil the position. The best way to answer targeted questions is by providing examples and specific situations that demonstrate your skills, experience and achievements.

Writing about your career history and achievements can be a daunting prospect, as it can be difficult to explain to others what you experienced first-hand. Having a professional writer asking the right questions can help you articulate your achievements and work history with more clarity. By utilising the STAR method (situation, task, action, result), the writers at Select Resumes are skilled at getting the right information and creating succinct, clear and flattering responses to targeted and pre-screening questions.


Employing over 265,000 staff members, the Victorian Government provides services for a population of over 6 million citizens across the state. With role vacancies available across a broad range of domains, including health and community services, education, law and order, transport and infrastructure, environment, industry development and arts, culture and sport, the Victorian Government offers opportunities for all specialities. Working for the public sector offers a host of incentives, such as leadership programs, flexible hours, on-the-job training, room for advancement and the reward of contributing to your community and state. With these incentives, it is understandable that each advertised vacancy receives a large number of applications for the recruitment team to sort through. This is why it is important to thoroughly read the role description of your targeted role so that your application doesn’t get immediately rejected for not addressing the requirements.

Roles with the Victorian Government require responses to selection criteria or a statement of claims documents, or to a list of capability requirements, that demonstrate your skills, achievements and abilities with clear and specific examples. The application process involves addressing any mandatory qualifications and addressing key selection criteria that outline your knowledge, skills and personal qualities that are relevant to the role you are targeting.

Select Resumes has a team of professional and experienced writers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, capable of delivering career documents that showcase your achievements and skills with clarity and proficiency.


With over 215,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees working for the Queensland Government, there are an enormous range of opportunities available with the different departments and agencies. Offering roles in areas such as Housing and Public Works, Education, Corrective Services, Environment and Science, Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Health and Fire and Emergency Services, the QLD Government provides excellent opportunities to achieve your career goals. Constantly seeking skilled professionals from a diverse range of fields and specialities, the Queensland Government’s Smart Jobs website advertises a large selection of new roles each week.

As part of the application process, it will be necessary for candidates to prepare and submit a selection criteria or statement of claims document that addresses the requirements outlined in the role description. This can include addressing how your skills align with the competency and capability frameworks for the role or responses to a series of selection criteria points. It is important to demonstrate your skills and abilities with clear examples from your career history that articulate how to fulfil the role requirements. Each advertised role is unique and will require different requirements to be addressed in various ways, so reading the role description thoroughly is fundamental. Selection criteria documents that don’t address all of the requirements can be rejected immediately.

At Select Resumes, we specialise in creating professional and well structured career documents that showcase our clients skills, achievements and career history. With a team of writers possessing a diverse range of specialist expertise and career backgrounds, we have the ability to prepare selection criteria for all fields and levels.

Western Australia

With over 130 agencies in the Western Australian Public Sector, offering a wide range of career pathways, opportunities exist for job seekers in all fields and at all levels. Offering a range of roles within areas, such as health care, environment, community services, education and training, cultural affairs, natural resources, primary industries, tourism and transport, the Western Australian Government employs over 100,000 professionals across the state.

Applications for public sector roles require applicants to submit a resume, as well as responses to selection criteria points, or a statement of claims addressing role requirements or a capability framework. The requirements for each role can differ greatly, so it is necessary to carefully read through the role description for your targeted role and be prepared to address all of the application requests. For example, selection criteria responses can have a set word limit ranging between 150 words to 600 words or a specified page limit. It is important to adhere to the word limits and other specifications within the role description, so that your application doesn’t get automatically rejected by the selection panel Your selection criteria responses should contain clear examples that demonstrate your skills, experience and achievements and how these align with your ability to fulfil the requirements of the role.

Select Resumes have a team of experienced writers skilled in writing selection criteria responses that showcase your achievements and skills with clarity and professionalism. With writers possessing from a diverse range of career backgrounds and speciality expertise, we are capable of writing high quality documents for all fields and levels.

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory Public Services (ACTPS), contains a range of government directorates, including Community Services, Education, Environment and Planning, Health, Justice and Community Safety and Transport Canberra and City Services. Roles within the ACTPS are highly sought after due to the many incentives present, such as flexible working conditions, training and leadership programs, career advancement opportunities and a workplace committed to inclusivity and equal opportunity.

The ACT Government advertises a wide range of roles each day on the ACT Jobs website, for all levels and directorates.  These vacancies require candidates to submit a resume and responses to selection criteria points, or a statement of claims addressing capability requirements. Addressing selection criteria can be a daunting prospect, especially given the competitive nature of government roles. Each role receives a large number of applications, so it is important to create a well-written statement that showcases your achievements and skills in an easy to read and professional manner. Word limits can range from 150 to 600 words per selection criterion, or the role description may request a certain page limit. Working within the requests within the role description ensures that your application won’t be automatically rejected by the selection panel.

At Select Resumes, we offer a team of professional writers experienced in writing selection criteria for all fields and levels. Our writers each possess specialist expertise and a strong understanding of what recruiters are looking for.

South Australia

The South Australian Government contains a wide range of departments, including Education, Energy and Mining, Environment and Water, Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Trade, Tourism and Investment and Health and Wellbeing. With such a wide range of opportunities available, it is no wonder role with the South Australian Government are so highly sought after. A large selection of vacancies are advertised each day on the I Work for SA website, from entry-level to recent graduate opportunities to executive level. Public sector roles offer a host of benefits that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as a healthy work-life balance, flexible working hours and career advancement opportunities. Pursuing future employees that come from a wide range of career backgrounds and specialities, the South Australian Government employs more than 100,000 employees across the state.

The application requirements for each role can differ greatly, so it is vital that candidates read the position description carefully to ensure each request is addressed within the written application documents. Selection criteria responses can range in word limit from 150 to 600 words, or the role description may require a statement of claims addressing capability frameworks. The selection panel is looking for clear and specific examples that demonstrate your skills, abilities and achievements, so it is important to articulate each example in an accessible manner. Since career achievements can be complex and hard to understand completely from an outside perspective, it can be highly beneficial to have a professional writer ask the right questions and write down the relevant details for you.

At Select Resumes, our writing team have a wealth of experience writing selection criteria statements of all levels and fields. With the ability to write responses with clarity and professionalism, we are skilled at showcasing your achievements and skills in the most flattering way possible.


With a broad range of departments, including Education, Health and Human Services, Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Tourism Tasmania, Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment and State Growth, the Tasmanian Government is the state’s largest employer. Offering a large range of opportunities, the Government of Tasmania is an ideal employer for job seekers, from recent graduate level roles to executive and senior management. Providing a workplace committed to equal opportunity, the benefits of working within the Tasmanian Government include leadership and training programs, career advancement opportunities, competitive salaries and a healthy work-life balance.

The application process for public sector roles can be challenging to navigate and difficult to get right. Applications require candidates to submit a resume covering their skills, career history and qualifications, as well as two referees and a written response to selection criteria. Each role has different requirements, so occasionally a cover letter is necessary or a statement of claims addressing key capabilities or competencies. This is why it is important to carefully read the role description and address each area that is requested. At Select Resumes, we have a team of professional writers with the experience and skills to address what the selection panel is looking for. Our writers are skilled at getting the right information from you and crafting a selection criteria document that uses examples from your background to demonstrate your capacity to fill your targeted role.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government (NTG) provides career opportunities across a range of departments, including Boating, Fishing and Marine, Driving and Transport, Education and Learning, Emergency and Safety, Health and Wellbeing and Arts, Sport and Leisure. If you are looking to contribute to services that provide assistance and enrichment to NT citizens and communities, a public service role offers an excellent opportunity. As the state’s largest employer, the Northern Territory Government offers the benefits of flexible working arrangements, career advancement opportunities, competitive salaries and generous superannuation.

Vacancies are advertised on the Northern Territory Government Employment Opportunities website on a regular basis, ranging from entry-level roles to senior management opportunities. With a simplified and streamlined recruitment process in place, the Northern Territory Public Service requires applications to be completed within six weeks of the role being advertised and provide candidates with details explaining the selection outcome. Differing from other Australian States and Territories, the Northern Territory requires shortened job applications and a more thorough canvassing of referees. With a one-page maximum summary sheet and resume required for all Northern Territory Public Service roles, applicants are not required to address each selection criteria point individually. At Select Resumes, we have the experience and skills necessary to make your application stand out from the crowd while complying with the restrictions and requirements of the application process.

What happens once you place an order…

Our unique process guarantees that every document is reviewed by a professional writer and editor to ensure a high-quality end product. From the phone consultation through to you receiving your documents, the standard turnaround time is 7 days unless you have specified that you require an express service.

1. Phone Consultation
You and your assigned Writer have a phone based consultation which will last about 30 – 45 minutes. The Writer will ask you questions about your career history, yourself, your professional goals and preferences.

2. Writing
Your Writer will now use all the information you have sent by email as well as the notes from your phone consultation and create the most professional selection criteria you’ve ever had.

3. Editing
Your Writer sends your completed selection criteria to the Editor who ensures punctuation; grammar and other errors are eliminated.

4. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs
During this time you can request any revisions or amendments to any part of the writing, editing and design process.


Our Case Studies are an excellent way to see the thought process that goes into creating our outstanding and highly successful career documents tailored to your industry.


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