Resume Writing

Happy New Year, Happy New Career

2019, Resume Writing

As 2019 approaches its end, the approaching New Year is often a time for review and reflecting on the achievements of the last twelve months.

Many find themselves taking stock, look at what they themselves have achieved and thinking about how they can make their lives better for their family and those around them. And some will contemplate a change of job, even a change of career. If so, freshening up your resume is a vital step in achieving that particular New Year resolution.

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How to Write a Great First Resume

2019, Resume Writing

Leaping into the job market can be a very scary thing, particularly if you do not have any work experience. Looking at job ads, you are constantly seeing requests for resumes, previous work experience, qualifications, and more.

If you are a student or a first-time job hunter, these expectations can make you feel unqualified. However, it is really quite simple to write a solid resume, even if you do not have much or any past job experience.

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Quit your job

Should You Quit Your Job Before Finding a New One?

When You Are Ready to Quit Your Job Without a Parachute

We have all been there. The moment when job stress, office politics, lousy management, lack of promotion, overwork, and boredom all gets too much. The perceived wisdom is that you should never quit your job until you have something definite to move on to. The advice is that no matter how much you need to resign – stick it out until you have something in the bag.

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Selling your Resume with Sales and Marketing Techniques

Your Resume Your Personal Sales and Marketing Tool

You may have heard the term ‘sales and marketing’ used to describe how a company promotes itself to its desired audience. However, sales and marketing are not simply for the business world. Creating a clear value proposition for yourself can help you to better market yourself to employers. Your personal value proposition needs proper sales and marketing to highlight your worth to a potential employer.

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Graduate Nursing

Graduate Nursing Programs – Finding the Right One

So, you have reached the end of your nursing education, and now your focus has shifted toward the bewildering amount of job applications and their specific requirements. Healthcare jobs are one of the most in-demand positions. However, there are more and more people targeting the very positions that you have spent the past years studying for. Whether you have decided to aim for a graduate program, or to work as an enrolled or registered nurse, you will quickly discover that having a professionally produced nursing resume and cover letter at the ready is your surest bet to securing the position you want.

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Resume not working

Why Your Resume is Not Working

If your resume is not working, no one will tell you. Nobody is going to ring you or email you to say “It’s not you, you’re awesome, it’s your resume that that’s letting you down.” The fact is they will simply ignore your resume, or you will get the standard ‘on this occasion, your application has been unsuccessful’ letter.

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