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Questions interviewers can't ask

Questions Interviewers Can’t Ask

So, you have landed that all-important interview. But you need to prepare, and you need to know there are questions interviewers can’t ask. There are in fact, several questions that interviewers can’t ask you.

The questions put to you are only to be regarding your facility to carry out the advertised role. And yes, your character traits are pertinent to your ability to perform that role. However, there is a line an interviewer can’t cross, and you need to be aware of them.

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What Not to Say in an Interview

What Not to Say in an Interview

Many people think the battle is won by landing the interview. Whilst it is certainly a major feat these days to beat out possibly 100s of other candidates to be shortlisted for interview, you are far from the finish line, and many an otherwise intelligent, articulate and confident applicant has been known to blow an interview by saying the wrong thing entirely at the wrong time.

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not getting an interview

Some Reasons Why You Are Not Getting an Interview

If you are continually fed up with not getting an interview, despite knowing the role positions were virtually written with you in mind, there may be some things you need to address.Here at Select Resumes, we have found that the most obvious reason is that clients’ resumes are just not strong enough. A poor-quality resume is an unfocused resume, a poorly designed (read; ugly) resume, or an error-filled resume (or worse still – all three!). A job-seekers resume is a critical marketing tool — one whose only purpose is to get you an interview.

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