Workplace Culture

How to Navigate the Office Romance

People spend a majority of their day at work, which is why roughly 40% of people have dated a colleague and a whopping 16% of people met their spouse or partner at work. Yet workplace romances do not always have a happily-ever-after ending. So how do you navigate the office romance minefield without harming your career or suffering serious emotional damage?

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Do You Worry Too Much at Work?

Are you the sort of person to worry at work, not just for some reasons, but for any reason? Are you constantly waiting for your manager to ‘catch you out’ that you are irredeemably terrible at your work? Or do you quake that when someone else makes a mistake, thinking somehow, it is going to bounce back on you?
This is when any legitimate concerns you have about your standing at work has crossed the line into a sort of paranoia, but for many, it is hard to shake.

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How to Survive in a Job You Hate

Whilst everyone hopes for a dream job, sometimes you find yourself in a job you hate. We have all been there, dreading the moment when we have to get out of bed and go to work — and nothing seems to make it any better. It is enough to make you go crazy and want to pull your hair out.

Being trapped in a job you hate can be soul-crushing. So how do you make the best of a seemingly untenable situation?

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How to Gain Respect at Work

We all want to be liked, yes. But perhaps more importantly in the workplace, we all want to be respected. How do you gain respect at work?

Respect is so important when it comes to your career development. It comes into play when management are considering your ideas, when they are selecting people to participate in projects, and—yes—when they are thinking about who is getting promotions or raises. But when these critical career junctions occur, are you the person in the frame?

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How to Make a Good Impression in Your New Job

2019, Workplace Culture

The first few days at your new job can make a big difference for your workplace reputation down the line. Before you start spending your first pay cheque in your head, give some serious though on how to make a good impression.

So, the anticipation of starting your new job is over. Your interview did the trick, you aced the interview, you’ve met with your new boss and are settled in to your new workstation – but you feel like a fish out of water.

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Management Style

Is Your Management Style Inspiring or Off-Putting?

Whether you are a manager now, aspire to be, or work under or over one, you will have an opinion about management style. With a management position comes increased salary, title change and responsibility. And that last part that will be the measure by which a manager’s success or failure in their position will hinge. How a manager chooses to manage – their management style or lack of it – will not only define them but have a profound effect on those they control.

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How to Quit Your Job

How to Quit Your Job the Right Way

When you quit your job, it is important to resign as gracefully and professionally as possible. It’s also important to be doing it for the right reasons. While a lot of people will claim they’re unhappy with their current position, there is a difference between hating your job and wanting to quit. It’s important to recognise that there are good reasons and bad reasons to quit your job.

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Mistakes at Work

How to Learn from Mistakes at Work

Mistakes at Work Happen – It Is How You React that Counts

It is OK to make mistakes. From James Joyce, who called mistakes “the portals of discovery”, to Mahatma Gandhi, who said freedom was not worth having if it did not include the freedom to make mistakes, successful people the world over agree blunders can be a good thing.

“Well, that’s easy for them to say”, you might think. Once you have revolutionised the Western novel or liberated the Indian subcontinent, you can make mistakes all day long if you like. But if you are at the bottom of the career ladder with everything to play for, things look rather different. Making mistakes at work can be acutely embarrassing. Such failures can bring severe consequences. Learning from them quickly can save you future pain.

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