Job Market

Australian Careers Outlook for 2020 – Part One

2020, Job Market

As 2019 winds down and another new year is upon us, people’s thoughts turn to fresh starts, and that includes a new job or even a new career. But what does 2020 hold for job seekers? Where the growth areas? What industries are declining? Where is the best place to be practising your particular trade?

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Quit your job

Should You Quit Your Job Before Finding a New One?

When You Are Ready to Quit Your Job Without a Parachute

We have all been there. The moment when job stress, office politics, lousy management, lack of promotion, overwork, and boredom all gets too much. The perceived wisdom is that you should never quit your job until you have something definite to move on to. The advice is that no matter how much you need to resign – stick it out until you have something in the bag.

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How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

Negotiating a pay rise is primarily about your value. Get an idea of what you should be asking for by speaking to people doing similar roles to you within your company, in the same sector and in similar organisations. Most people are familiar with the advice to start with a high number, but new research suggests that a precise number makes a more powerful statement in negotiations.

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How to Apply for a Role You Are Overqualified to Do

There are many good reasons why you wish to apply for a role that you are overqualified to do. You could be switching industries and sensibly realise that you need to start a level that does not accurately reflect your true abilities. You may be reaching an age at which you want to shift down a gear and take a job that is less taxing and has less overall responsibility than you have been used to.

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