Resume Writing Services

Writing an effective resume is a skill that requires a specific mastery of the written word, as well as a sound knowledge of the recruitment process.

Select Resumes provides the resume writing services necessary to help you land that interview. Since your resume is the first point of contact you have with your future employer, a professionally written and formatted resume is an excellent tool to progress your career.

Further to our resume writing services, we also offer a range of career services, including:

  • Selection Criteria Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Skills Training

Resume Writing Services

Our resume writing services are delivered with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and a genuine desire to help our clients achieve their career goals. With 10 years of experience providing career services to Australia, we offer the following benefits:

1. An Experienced Team of Resume Writers

Our resume writers have a wealth of experience tailoring resumes for specific roles and industries, and perfectly highlighting the skills and achievements of our clients. With a contemporary understanding of the job market, our writers will work with you to create a resume that gains the attention of employers.

2. Skilled at Optimising Resumes

Due to the large number of applications for most roles and the increasing use of software to review resumes, it is necessary to have a well formatted, keyword optimised resume. When resumes do reach hiring managers they may spend just 10 seconds scanning the resume before making a decision. Our writers are skilled at using keywords and accessible formatting to enable your resume to make the cut.

3. Experienced at Showcasing Achievements

Using the effective STAR format to successfully communicate your achievements, we understand that employers are looking for examples of the benefits you have delivered in previous roles. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result – an easy and succinct method to explain the outcomes you have achieved throughout your career.

4. Professional Resume Designs

With over 100 industry-specific and general resume templates designed by professional graphic designers, we have a resume design to suit every application. Ranging from professional and corporate to eye-catching and colourful, we understand that your resume should be tailored for personal preference and effectiveness. We ensure all resumes are easy to read, well-structured, and organised to enable a perfect reader’s journey.

5. Commitment to Quality Assurance

Our unique, multi-step process is designed to guarantee that multiple staff review every resume to ensure any typos or formatting errors are eliminated. We understand that all humans make errors sometimes, so by having multiple people check each document before they are sent, we are able to guarantee the quality of our services.

Our Resume Services

Professional Resume Writing

Select Resumes has the key experience to provide professional resume writing services that will set you apart from your peers.  Our writers have proven experience across a wide range of industries that will benefit you in any job application. No matter what industry you are targeting, we can assist you in taking the next step of your career.


Professional Resume Examples

Graduate Resumes
Senior Executive Resume

Public Sector Resume Writing

Roles within the public sector are highly regarded and require a professional resume that highlights your top achievements. Making sure you have a strong skill set outlined is a must, as is ensuring you display the requirements of the position. Select Resumes provides expert skills on the creation of your public sector resume.


Public Sector Resume Examples

Executive Resume Writing

Our experienced executive resume writers are skilled uncovering your achievements and articulating them in a professional format. Our executive-level process includes thorough vetting and intelligent thought process to ensure the best possible writer is selected to work with you on your application. Our Quality Assurance Manager is also available for all senior level revisions if required; this service is part of our 30-day revision process.


Executive Resume Examples

Executive Resume Design

Nursing Resume Writing

Select Resumes have the ability to deliver quality professional resumes for those candidates looking to begin or advance their careers in the health sector. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, midwife or any other allied health professional, our expert resume writers will help you further your career with a world-class resume, cover letter and selection criteria if required.


Nursing Resume Examples

Nursing Resume Writing Service
Nursing Resume Writing Service
Nursing Resume Design Template

Teaching Resume Writing

When applying for a teaching or other role in the education industry, it can take some time to put together an eye-catching application package! Whether you are a newly graduated teacher or looking to gain promotion to a leadership role, the competition can be tough! You must showcase your credentials, skills, and experience in just the right manner and the thought of doing so can be off-putting for most, meaning you may be missing out on those dream roles!


Teaching Resume Examples

Teacher Resume

Graduate Resume Writing

As a Graduate, it can be difficult to get the job you want in the field of your newly found expertise. Competitive job markets and increasing amounts of students means there are fewer opportunities than ever. Making sure you stand out amongst the crowd is a must. Working with our experienced team you will receive a tailored resume for your goals, ensuring you are well in front of the pack.


Graduate Resume Examples

Mining Resume Writing

Our ‘Senior or Experienced’ professional mining resume service is catered for those in higher, more complex, or senior roles, we will talk to you about which one of our professional mining resume writers will be most suited to your experience. When it comes to creating an ‘Entry Level’ mining resume, our specialist mining resume service can cater for you too.


Mining Resume Examples

Trades Resume Writing

There are demands for skilled workers and experienced supervisors to help build the next stage of our expanding infrastructure. The opportunities and lifestyle that come with these positions are highly desirable. In this changing economy, job security is a must so securing a position within a stable company is what everyone wants. It is getting harder and harder to rely on simple word of mouth to secure a new position as there are so many people in the same boat.


Trade Based Resume Examples

Hospitality Resume Writing

As a hospitality professional, your resume needs to engage your potential employer and stand out from the crowd. Many hospitality positions attract a large number of applications. By using colour and professional design, we can assist you to create a resume to represent you in the best light.


Hospitality Resume Examples

Barista Hospitality Resume
Hospitality Resume

Accounting Resume Writing

Building a successful accounting career requires a great deal of dedication, technical ability and professional aptitude, as does developing a great professional accounting resume. The training and qualifications achieved, coupled with the practical experience gained within an accounting environment are critical to securing increased responsibilities and moving up the career ladder.


Accounting Resume Examples

Accounting Resume Designs
Accounting resume serice
Accounting resume design

Allied Health Resume Writing

Encompassing the broad range of allied health resume services, including Aged Care Workers, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and many more examples, Select Resumes can tailor a resume to your situation to assist you in getting that interview.


Allied Health Resume Examples

Graduate resume writing services

Medical Resume Writing

Select Resumes provides a medical resume service that is extremely successful in gaining interviews for our medical clients. We have gained our client’s interviews at almost all of the major public and private hospitals in Australia. We have also assisted many graduate medical candidates in gaining their very first interview.


Medical Resume Examples

Marketing Resume Writing

As a marketing professional, your resume needs to make a statement and promote your career and project achievements relevant to your potential role. At Select Resumes, our marketing resume writing services offers a professionally written, edited and designed product which will stand out to your future employer and make a statement.


Marketing Resume Examples

Construction Resume Writing

When preparing a resume for jobs in the construction field, a professional construction resume service can be an ideal way to make your resume stand out and be noticed. Our resume designs portray many aspects of the construction industry in a colourful and graphic way. We offer a full range of attractive construction resume designs as part of our full resume service.


Construction Resume Examples

Engineering Resume Writing

Whether you are a graduate, entry level, experienced or senior Engineer, we have writers who can construct a resume to suit your needs. Our team of writers are highly skilled at consulting with our clients to draw out the relevant details to get the best results.


Engineering Resume Examples

Information Technology Resume Writing

Information Technology (IT) plays an integral role across all major industries and is consequently an extremely competitive field. As an IT professional, it is important that you are able to represent and promote your skill sets in order to stand out among one of the fastest-growing professions in the world.


Information Technology Resume Examples

Executive Resume Design
ICT Resume Design Template
IT resume template

Our Career Services

Selection Criteria Writing

Public Sector positions require a Key Selection Criteria (KSC) to be written as part of the application process. The selection criteria statement is essentially about the key skills, education and experience needed to perform the position in question. Commonly selection criteria applications contain 5 – 8 scenarios to demonstrate in your response. A KSC is also a good example of candidates written communication skills. It is essential your selection criteria is of the highest standard if you wish to attract serious consideration for your application.


LinkedIn Profile Writing

Select Resumes provides a professional LinkedIn Profile Writing service to give you the best chance to leave a positive impression. The profile we create gives your potential employer an opportunity to read a clear rundown of your career history, as well as a look at your key skills, recommendations from co-workers and managers, certifications, interests, volunteer work and connections.


Interview Skills Coaching

The key benefit of Select Resumes interview skills coaching is improved verbal communication ability. Overall, you will gain increased self-confidence. Interview skills coaching will continue to deliver benefits throughout your career, in meetings, presentations, negotiations and general business communication.


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Ken S

With extensive experience in human resources and recruitment, Ken finds self satisfaction in helping clients apply for they dream roles. Having worked in many different industries including retail, IT services, utilities, facility management, trades and services and employment services, Ken understands the needs and requirements to stand out from the crowd. To put your best foot forward, you have to take that first step, and that first step is understanding your strengths in relation to the role.

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Kylie T.

Kylie has recently joined the Select Resumes team, and enjoys working with clients at all stages of their career, from graduates and those new to the workforce, to executive and highly experienced workers. She is passionate about working with clients to develop confidence in their abilities, drawing out their unique skills and experiences to create the strongest possible resumes, cover letters, and selection criteria responses.

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Jeanne has been an editor with Select Resumes for two years in her career of 16 years in editing, researching and court audio transcribing. Her experience includes working for a national industry Media magazine, jointly compiling a children’s dictionary for Unibooks Canada, serving as specialist media transcriber/researcher for a prominent NSW politician, sub-editing a vast array of business and procedural documents in the legal and recruitment industries, high-level research for the Department of Education, and writing for the web.

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Tony W.

Possessing over 28 years of experience within a variety of industries including Government, manufacturing, logistics, recruitment, HR, construction services and call centre, my capability to build exceptional resumes, Key Selection Criteria and LinkedIn profiles have been developed into a specialisation over the last nine years with Select Resumes

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Tina M.

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Dorinnia B.

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Haylee H.

Haylee delivers strong resume writing and selection criteria results in the areas of marketing and communications, Government, teaching and finance, at all levels – graduate, professional and executive.

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Kristie M.

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Emma D.

Emma has over six years of experience in the Employment Services industry and a strong understanding of the Australian job market, including the Australian Public Service (APS). Having developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in resume writing, interview skills, job searching strategies and selection criteria writing, Emma will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

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Steve S.

Steve has joined the Select Resume team as a professional writer and has become a sought after and valuable member of the crew. With his many years as a creative and corporate writer, he has written a diverse range of resumes, white papers, government grant applications and professional speeches.

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Five step resume writing process

Our five-stage process works to make sure your resume is carefully researched, written and designed. We ensure your document is edited and approved by multiple members of our team so that you receive the best resume possible.

Resume Writing Phone Consultation

1. Consultation
One of our experienced writers will get in touch with you for an in-depth phone consultation in order to discuss your career history, skills and achievements along with your short-term and long-term career goals.

Resume Writing

2. Writing
Your writer will then create a highly professional and persuasive resume and cover letter from the information they have gathered from you via your phone consultation and email.

Resume Editing

3. Editing
The writer then sends your resume and cover letter to our editing team to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and general presentation of your information is flawless.

Resume Design

4. Design
The completed and proofread draft is then sent to our graphic designer, who will create a unique and professional design in alignment with your preferences and required specifications.

30 Day Resume Guarantee5. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs
During this time you can request any revisions or amendments to any part of the writing, editing and design process.

Our writers are experienced in resume writing services for a range of industries, including:
  • Building and Construction
  • Arts and Communication
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Education and Training
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • HR
  • Government and Public Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Law, Corrections and Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

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