Education Assistant (Special Needs) – Statement addressing Key Selection Criteria by Jennifer C.


As a newly qualified Education Assistant, this client was excited to be applying for her first full-time role at a West Australian Independent Public School featuring specialist facilities for special needs students.

This application called for a three-page statement to address the following key selection criteria considering the context of the business needs of the school:

  1. Effective written and oral communication skills, including report writing and the ability to effectively interact with students with special needs, and liaise with parents, teachers and community members and assist teachers in understanding students where necessary.
  2. Effective interpersonal skills with the ability to contribute to a professional team and provide advice and evaluation in the development of the education program, including special education and therapy programs where they have been implemented.
  3. Ability to assist professionals in the implementation and evaluation of education programs, including special education and, if required, occupational and/or physiotherapy programs.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of health and physical disabilities in students and adolescents.
  5. Effective organisational skills that will assist in the delivery of effective education programs and subsequent feedback and evaluation to teachers or psychologists.
  6. Ability to assist with the general health and wellbeing of students.

As part of her studies, this client kept a written record of examples to demonstrate key elements of her practice and learning to her course instructors. This resource was invaluable in generating examples for the key selection criteria, which we discussed during our consultation, so that a complete picture of the Situation, Task, Action, and Results were captured to form the detailed responses required. As a beginning practitioner, it can be overwhelming to identify appropriate examples when faced with complex criteria. By using a journal as a memory jogger, ideas can be fully developed with accuracy and confidence.

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