Tailored Resume Writing

ICT Project Manager (APS6) by Vanessa S

The client has been in an acting APS6 ICT Project Management role for four months after being approached in her previous APS5 role that she excelled at and asked to step up. The clients wants to secure this as a permanent role since it aligned perfectly with her own work ethic and natural abilities…………

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Graduate Assistant in Nursing

Home » Tailored Resume Writing Graduate Assistant in Nursing Written by Dorinnia   The client was a mature student who had initially been trained in Early Childhood Education but since…
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Senior Teacher

As a result, I have created a resume which highlights his expertise both as a teacher and leader as well as his vast extracurricular skills which will be of benefit in any school he applies for.

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APS5 Applications Require Strengthening

Now familiar with the type of information I, and APS recruitment teams, were looking for, he was able to provide additional STAR examples to support his application which I worked into his application and edited it down to fit the two-page maximum

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WA Graduate Teacher Resume

My client was changing her professional path from Nursing to Teaching and so I created a Resume which would focus on her teaching abilitiies. I felt the need to highlight the relevant skills from her previous expereince without overshadowing her teaching capabilities. My own expertise enabled me to use most up to date language for teaching positions.

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