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The client is currently working as a Nurse within a paediatric ward. However, having recently trained to become a Primary Teacher, she required a new Resume with a focus on teaching but one that would also acknowledge her previous experiences as Nurse, Personal Trainer and volunteer.

During our consultation, I was able to prompt responses on specific aspects of her teaching experience and advised her to include the references to personal training and voluntary work, which highlighted skills that I knew schools would recognise as being relevant and important. I realised they would also give a more rounded picture of the client’s personality and her enthusiasm which came across during our chat.

Although she initially stated that she had not done any further professional development, during our conversation she mentioned some personal reading and online courses she had undertaken in her own time, as well as personal reading and workshops which she had completed on her personal journey to help her daughter. I felt these were very relevant and included them in her final resume.

During the writing process, I continually referred to all information forwarded by the client to ensure I had all information correct and used some excerpts from her practicum placement evaluations to further illustrate her teaching capabilities and skills.

During the consultation, the client had expressed concern about the fact that she had limited experience in the classroom. However, I am confident that she now presents as a strong teaching applicant, and I feel that we have assisted her considerably to increase the likelihood that she will be called in for an interview.


Written by Dorinnia Burns

Industry: Education, Teaching