Classroom Teacher

This client was a graduate teacher, with excellent teaching placement feedback and experience, as well as a background in hospitality and retail, from which I was able to draw on her skills in communication and provision of professional service.

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Highly experienced Class Teacher and Teacher-Librarian looking for a transfer to capitalise on her skills in developing and implementing pedagogical practice into schools, with a view to a future Head of Campus role.

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WA Graduate Teacher Resume

My client was changing her professional path from Nursing to Teaching and so I created a Resume which would focus on her teaching abilitiies. I felt the need to highlight the relevant skills from her previous expereince without overshadowing her teaching capabilities. My own expertise enabled me to use most up to date language for teaching positions.

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Mentoring Beginning Teacher EOI

With the perfect mix of information and examples, I was able to put together a strong and competitive application for this client, clearly showing the school why he would be the best person for a mentoring role. This included integrating the school’s strategic plan and elements of the APST.

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Administration and Teaching Resume and Cover Letter

Although challenging, I identified the core skills relevant to administrative roles, whilst highlighting experience that were transferable to the teaching sector. Throughout our consultation, I was able to appreciate the client’s situation and relate to her in order to provide genuine personal documents.

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