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The client had gained a substantial administrative and team-leading career in New Zealand, before settling in Australia. She worked within the banking, construction and retail industries. However, her true passion is for teaching, which she explored whilst volunteering for six years at her children’s school.

Her short-term goal is to return to employment within her comfort zone, as an administrative assistant, in order to spend time with her family whilst studying full-time. Her long-term goal is to become a high school teacher. Therefore, her resume and cover letter needed to appeal to both administrative and teacher aide roles. Although challenging, I identified the core skills relevant to administrative roles, whilst highlighting experience that were transferable to the teaching sector. Throughout our consultation, I was able to appreciate the client’s situation and relate to her in order to provide genuine personal documents.

Together with the client, we chose a sober design to suit a broad range of roles and industries, whilst displaying a mature professional style. Satisfied that we reached her expectations, I am looking forward to hearing about her successful applications in the near future, and her teaching career to start soon!

Although the client was not currently in an IT role, it is hoped that by showing exposure to large projects, ICT staff and SME’s that there was enough experience to move into the merit pool for upcoming roles.

Written by Pia H