Graduate Nurse

The client had qualified as a nurse overseas and had recently completed the conversion course to work in Australia. She had also undertaken a master’s degree and was waiting on her registration to be finalised. With no specific role to apply for, but with a desire to work within the aged care area, I created a resume that highlighted her skills in this area.

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Finance Industry Resume

The final resume profiled the client as an expert in management accounting and finance with the ability to build and enhance internal and external stakeholder relationships.

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Education Program Manager

This client was changing her role from one of teacher to advisor in education within a company. She required a resume and 3 page cover letter which highlighted her knowledge of current educational thinking and initiatives as well as her ability to communicate with stakeholders at different levels.

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Project Manager 3 page Statement of Claims

Having undertaken project management roles previously, including duties within the Health Department, the client was well-placed to positively contribute to the Department’s efforts and objectives, and by working to showcase the strongest and most meaningful examples, I am confident that they are well-placed to pursue their career ambitions.

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