Case Study – Key Selection Criteria for application for a Technical Analyst working on IT Infrastructure by Jackey M.


This client had considerable experience and expertise as a Technical Analyst working on IT infrastructure and was seeking a similar position with a regional City Council. As an IT business owner and a senior-level Support Analyst with over ten years of experience, throughout his career, he worked extensively in the private and public sectors, with a proven track record of bringing value to any business by providing consistent and superior customer-driven solutions.

To apply for the role he was interested in, the client was required to address six key selection criteria:

  • Tertiary qualifications in an Information Technology related field with relevant experience or a less form qualification with substantial experience working within a medium-sized corporate environment
  • Experience in the implementation, development, maintenance and support of IT infrastructure within a corporate environment including DevOps practices
  • Proficient in cloud managed infrastructure with experience in public and private cloud
  • Proficient in technical analysis, technology frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Ability to gain co-operation and assistance from clients to progress work objectives
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills to create and present reports and presentations

To put together this application, I engaged the client in a discussion about his technical expertise and achievements, extracting a specific example that demonstrated each of the requirements. I ensured that he provided me with a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example to enable assembly of the responses using the STAR model.

The brief called for succinct answers, so it was necessary to sift through the information provided by the client in order to profile the most pertinent experiences and skills. I called on keywords in the key selection criteria and utilised language and terminology sourced from the information technology industry.

Prior to the consultation, I familiarised myself with his current resume and the organisational brief provided in relation to the position on offer. Through careful listening and questioning, I was able to lead the client through the consultation, extracting pertinent information. However, during that process, it became apparent that the client would be unable to satisfy some of the key selection criteria.

With the client’s best interest in mind, I was able to assist him in recognising that this position may not be the best fit for his skill set. Accordingly, he decided to review his options and wait for a more relevant position to be advertised. The client was most grateful for the assistance, was happy to receive an updated resume and looks forward to coming back to Select Resumes for his next application.

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