Are You an Extrovert? Find the Perfect Job!

Are you the life of the party? Known to be the centre of attention on any occasion, extroverts are outgoing, friendly and sociable people. Extroverts thrive on interaction, so what is the perfect job for your character trait?

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How Important Is a Cover Letter in 2021? – Part Two

A cover letter enables you to introduce yourself as a professional, along with outlining why you are a good fit for the role. In our last blog, we gave you some reasons why the cover letter is still not only relevant but essential. Here are some more reasons.

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How to Settle into a New Job – Part Two

You just spent a lot of effort looking for the right role. In Part One of this blog, we looked at some tips on how to settle into a new job. This time, we’ll give you some more tips on what to do, and also what not to do!

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How to Settle into a New Job – Part One

Congratulations! You have accepted a new job offer, and you are about to start the job you really wanted. On one hand, you are excited, but on the other hand, you might be feeling a bit apprehensive. How will settle into your new job? Will you fit in? Will people like you? Will you be able to do the job?

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Handling Conflict Resolution in the Workplace – Part One

No one enjoys conflict, especially at work. Working in any organisation means working with people that have a variety of perspectives. Whilst organisations that foster diversity are strong, it doesn’t mean everyone will get along all of the time.

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