How to Maintain Focus at Work

No matter who you are or what you do, we have days when we just can’t knuckle down. But energy drinks, coffee and list-making won’t get you to peak productivity levels. So, how can you train yourself to maintain your focus at work?

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How to Resign Well – Part Two

Getting ready to resign from your job? Like any major life stage it can bring up questions – who do you tell first – and most importantly, how? Do you need to write a letter? What happens next?

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How to Resign Well – Part One

Whatever your reason for resigning, the way you leave can have a real impact on your career down the road. There are ways to resign well so that you can leave on a positive note and take your next step with a clear conscience.

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How to Change Career on Faith Alone – Part Two

In the first part we looked at what you have to consider within yourself if you want to change careers but have no real notion of where you see yourself. In this part, we will look at some more practical tips when making such a big decision.

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