How to Write a Great First Resume

Leaping into the job market can be a very scary thing, particularly if you do not have any work experience. Looking at job ads, you are constantly seeing requests for resumes, previous work experience, qualifications, and more.

If you are a student or a first-time job hunter, these expectations can make you feel unqualified. However, it is really quite simple to write a solid resume, even if you do not have much or any past job experience.

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Are You the One Blocking Your Own Success?

Are you guilty of blocking your own success? It is great to have humility and be self-effacing. But this can easily tip over into a loss of confidence, and all at once you are blocking your own success. Attaching labels to yourself can be useful in some ways, but when they start to disempower you, this can be a problem.

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How to Find Work When Unemployed – Part Two

Part two of our article on how to find work when unemployed. In our last blog, we showed how to maintain a positive attitude whilst focussing your attention to having a clear outcome in mind whilst job searching. In this article, we will look at some other ways you can positively use your time whilst looking for a new position.

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How to Find Work When Unemployed – Part One

Struggling to find work when unemployed is the hardest profession there is. It requires self-motivation, planning, bravery and hard graft, while often being under pressure financially, emotionally and mentally. But there are a number of tactics you can employ that will help you remain focused and upbeat, while also improving your employment prospects.

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How to Delegate Effectively

For the lucky few, knowing how to delegate effectively – even at all – comes easily. For others who are perfectionists, letting go of even the most trivial task is an almost a Herculean task.

You cannot do everything yourself. And the bigger your business grows, the truer this becomes. That is why it is so essential to master the art of knowing how to delegate effectively.

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The Facts About Mental Health Days

Whether mental health days are seen as an added incentive to workers by employers identifying a need to be seen as an attractive proposition to employees, or recognising that the need for change around workplace mental health has been long overdue, the mental health day is here to stay.

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Do You Worry Too Much at Work?

Are you the sort of person to worry at work, not just for some reasons, but for any reason? Are you constantly waiting for your manager to ‘catch you out’ that you are irredeemably terrible at your work? Or do you quake that when someone else makes a mistake, thinking somehow, it is going to bounce back on you?
This is when any legitimate concerns you have about your standing at work has crossed the line into a sort of paranoia, but for many, it is hard to shake.

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How to Survive in a Job You Hate

Whilst everyone hopes for a dream job, sometimes you find yourself in a job you hate. We have all been there, dreading the moment when we have to get out of bed and go to work — and nothing seems to make it any better. It is enough to make you go crazy and want to pull your hair out.

Being trapped in a job you hate can be soul-crushing. So how do you make the best of a seemingly untenable situation?

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How to Gain Respect at Work

We all want to be liked, yes. But perhaps more importantly in the workplace, we all want to be respected. How do you gain respect at work?

Respect is so important when it comes to your career development. It comes into play when management are considering your ideas, when they are selecting people to participate in projects, and—yes—when they are thinking about who is getting promotions or raises. But when these critical career junctions occur, are you the person in the frame?

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How Much Self-Discipline Do You Have at Work?

Self-Discipline at Work is a 21st Century Tool You Need to Master

We live in a time where self-discipline at work is increasingly hard to maintain. So much exists to distract us that never existed 10 or 15 years ago. It is arguable that social media is the single biggest drain on productivity in the workplace. Back in 2013, when social media usage was in its infancy, HuffPost reported that social media usage was costing US companies alone $650bn a year.

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