Statement of Claims

Graduate Paramedic Intern Statement of Claims

Highly motivated and positive, this client with a military service background was due to complete a Bachelor of Paramedicine and was seeking an intern position. While serving in Afghanistan the client had witnessed the work of the medics and decided that when he returned to civilian life, he wanted to become a paramedic.

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Team Leader for the Fair Work Ombudsman

With extensive experience working for the Department of Human Services in a highly involved, complex and confronting role, the client was looking for a change where she could still utilise her skillset within a leadership position. Through feedback she had received after presenting Selection Criteria for other roles, she expressed that despite the adequate representation of the requisites needed for the applications she had been told that her examples were too confronting. 

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Experienced Senior Systems Accountant Key Selection Criteria

A qualified and skilled Systems Support Officer and Technician addressing criteria for a Senior Systems Accountant role. To apply for this position the client was required to provide a maximum of two pages outlining her suitability for the role backed by practical experiences and relevant credentials.

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Assistant Liaison Officer for Health Sector

The client had held a number of involved roles where legislative requirements were complex and where there were many deadlines to be followed. Being that the limit was two pages were complex points were to be covered, we worked together to ensure that we used the best examples to cover multiple points thoroughly.

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Senior Programs Officer Resume and Statement of Claims

Having worked for over 15 years in various areas of community services, focusing their expertise on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy, the client was looking to further expand their knowledge and experience as a Senior Programs Officer, in a government position, facilitating important research into family history and Genealogy.

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