Program Officer Statement by Ashleigh P


The client has been working for Services Australia for seven years at an APS3 level and wanted to progress to an APS5 level Program Officer. The Program Officer role included responsibilities such as implementing programs, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, managing a team of staff, providing advice, monitoring key performance indicators and assisting in policy review. To apply for this role, the client was required to prepare a 600-word statement of claims outlining their suitability against the key duties and key skills. To prepare a statement that highlighted transferable skills, I focused on the following areas:


  • Communicate in an effective way
  • Build relationships and engage with diverse groups of people
  • Understand change and communicate it to staff in a meaningful way
  • Collaborate with other staff in immediate area and in other areas of the agency
  • Research, analyse and make sound decisions using appropriate judgement
  • Prioritise workload in the context of competing priorities
  • Support and mentor others


As the client was applying for a higher position, I had a discussion about her transferable skills and experience, highlighting the importance of demonstrating a leadership capacity and contributing to enhancing program and policy. I ensured that I obtained examples from the client using a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result (STAR) model. As this application had a 600-word limit, I used two main examples and ensured I used keywords to show that we were addressing all key skills required for the position. Utilising my knowledge of the APS levels, and after researching the position description, I knew what sort of examples I needed to get from the client to efficiently highlight their suitability for the role.

While this client is aiming for a position two levels above their current position, they are currently working for Services Australia, and I believe that they demonstrate suitable qualities.

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