Public Sector

Team Leader for the Fair Work Ombudsman

With extensive experience working for the Department of Human Services in a highly involved, complex and confronting role, the client was looking for a change where she could still utilise her skillset within a leadership position. Through feedback she had received after presenting Selection Criteria for other roles, she expressed that despite the adequate representation of the requisites needed for the applications she had been told that her examples were too confronting. 

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Personal Assistant and Administrative Officer Case Study

This client was coming to the end of a maternity leave contract in which she had been working as a Personal and Administrative Assistant in the Health and Medical fields. In this case, the client was highly experienced in working within the industry and was well equipped and practised at performing tasks in a high volume, fast paced and unpredictable work environment.

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Assistant Liaison Officer for Health Sector

The client had held a number of involved roles where legislative requirements were complex and where there were many deadlines to be followed. Being that the limit was two pages were complex points were to be covered, we worked together to ensure that we used the best examples to cover multiple points thoroughly.

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Case Study – Executive Assistant / Coordination Officer

Upon receiving this order for an executive-level statement of claims, I immediately noticed that it would be a challenging document to complete, as it required addressing a substantial amount of information within a one-page document. The client had been previously working as a Finance Manager for a large company and was looking to transition to a public-sector role.

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Case Study – Park and Garden Attendant – Resume, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria

The client had been working for a Council as a Park and Garden Attendant since May 2018 on a contract basis and had the chance to apply for a permanent position that had been made available on an internal basis only. The client had a diverse range of experience, including sales and leadership positions, but their passion lies in horticulture, and so he was very eager to secure this position.

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Corporate Communications Two-Page Statement

My client was a repeat client who had returned to our services to move to the next stage in her career, and into a Corporate Communications role for a Public-Sector organisation. The role is the perfect “next step” for the client’s career, however she was having some trouble deciphering the requirements of the application.

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