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This client was coming to the end of a maternity leave contract in which she had been working as a Personal and Administrative Assistant in the Health and Medical fields. In this case, the client was highly experienced in working within the industry and was well equipped and practised at performing tasks in a high volume, fast paced and unpredictable work environment. She was also skilled in reviewing and compiling important documentation of high confidence and dealing with a vast range of stakeholders and monitoring department spending in line with projected budgets. For this client the time to answer the criteria points was one challenge. However, the major hurdle was to come up with specific examples relating to the criteria points as they were accountabilities that she addressed every day in her work automatically. The criteria points were:

  • Experience with confidential and effective communication; filing; record keeping; data entry and a range of administration skills
  • Proven ability to use a variety of computer applications including databases and spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of file saving and storage for secured digital photography management
  • Experience with financial tasks including petty cash reimbursements, accounts payable and receivable and assist with financial reporting requirements to the Australian Federal Police and Justice and Community Services (Fitness to Drive Medical Clinic)
  • Demonstrates a commitment to work, health and safety (WH&S) and the positive patient experience and displays behaviour consistent with ACT Health’s values of Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity

In this case, I supported the client through continued communication outlining the information I would need and helping her to understand how the examples would be written. This is an integral part of the process to ensure our consult time is used productively.  Once we conducted the consult, I was then able to use the information she had already given me as well as help her to identify further examples that would make for a stronger application through drawing on her responsibilities outlined on her resume. By encouraging preparation and maintaining communication throughout the process and applying my experience as a Personal Assistant and Administrative Officer, I was able to produce a high-quality document within a short time frame. Overall, the client was extremely satisfied and has expressed her desire to work with Select Resumes again should the need arise.

Written by Kristie Moore.