ICT Project Manager (APS6) by Vanessa S


The client has been in an acting APS6 ICT Project Management role for four months after being approached in her previous APS5 role that she excelled at and asked to step up. The clients wanted to secure this as a permanent role since it aligned perfectly with her own work ethic and natural abilities. Requirements of the role included drive, integrity, passion for ICT, leadership skills, ability to build and sustain positive working relationships, knowledge of government policy requirements and legislative framework.

To apply for this role, a two-page succinct resume was required along with a 600-word statement that outlines how her skills:

  • Supports Strategic Direction

Understands, supports and promotes the organisation’s vision, mission, and business objectives. Understands the work environment and initiates and develops team goals, strategies and work plans. Gathers and investigates information from diverse sources and explores new ideas and different viewpoints. Undertakes objective, systematic analysis and draws accurate conclusions based on evidence.

  • Achieves Results

Reviews project performance and identifies opportunities for improvement. Values specialist expertise and capitalises on the knowledge and skills of others within the organisation. Establishes clear plans and timeframes for project implementation. Sees projects through to completion.

  • Supports Productive Working Relationships

Builds and sustains positive relationships with team members, stakeholders and clients. Actively listens to staff, colleagues, clients and stakeholders. Recognises the positive benefits that can be gained from diversity. Identifies learning opportunities for others and delegates tasks effectively.

  • Displays Personal Drive and Integrity

Adopts a principled approach and adheres to the APS Values and Code of Conduct. Provides impartial and forthright advice. Takes personal responsibility for meeting objectives and progressing work. Persists with, and focuses on achieving, objectives even in difficult circumstances. Self-evaluates performance and seeks feedback from others.

  • Communicates with Influence

Confidently presents messages in a clear, concise and articulate manner. Seeks to understand the audience and tailors communication style and message accordingly. Approaches negotiations with a clear understanding of key issues. Understands the desired outcomes.

To give the statement strength, I had a detailed discussion with the client about specific experiences from the past that highlight these points from a logical standpoint but also intertwining throughout her personality type and strength of character. As we do at Select Resumes, we write using the Situation, Task, Action and Result method, which is successful time and again. Because the statement was limited to 600 words, the choice of words had to be concise and clear without diminishing the examples.

The statement included a strong introductory paragraph that was specific about the client’s current and past experience, as well as a conclusion that highlighted what the client will bring to the new role and how the business will benefit from the client’s wealth of expertise.

The client emailed after receiving her finished document and emailed back saying: “very happy with the end result.” I emailed in response, wishing her all the best and encouraged that she let us know if she was granted an interview or even secured the role – because there is nothing better than a success story!

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