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After running their own business for some time, the client was looking to return to work with an employer. The client was particularly excited by the prospect of working within the public sector, but recognised that the application process can be a bit tricky, and so turned to us for assistance with his application. The application required that the client address five Key Selection Criteria, as follows;

  • Experience in the provision of administrative support and record management, with well-developed organisational skills and ability to prioritise tasks. 
  • Demonstrated computer skills, including experience in the use of databases and computer programs including; Word, Excel, Outlook, various Apps and the ability to learn about new programs, software packages and use mobile devices.
  • Sound communication (oral & written), negotiation and conflict resolution skills and the ability to liaise effectively with management, staff and members of the public. 
  • Experience in horticultural maintenance and cleaning operations including sound knowledge of workplace safety practices, standard operating procedures and risk assessments.
  • A demonstrated understanding of, and commitment to, the ACT Government Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) Framework and the TCCS Code of Conduct. 

Engaging the client in a discussion regarding times when he felt he had met the above criteria, I was able to draw out information which demonstrated that he could provide examples against each criterion. Teasing out the details of a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example allowed me to provide clear evidence that he could fulfil the duties of the role. This was a relatively straightforward process for most of the criteria, as the client had great examples prepared, and mostly only required a few questions from myself to gain a good understanding of the situation. However, the final criterion was more challenging. As the client was yet to work within the ACT Government, he was unsure as to whether any examples would relate to their framework or Code of Conduct. Engaging in research, I was able to form a strong understanding of the RED framework, in addition to the particulars of the Code of Conduct, and provide the client with some feedback and suggestions as to how these ideas might reflect on his prior work history. Thus, we were able to ensure all criteria were addressed to demonstrate the client’s suitability for the role.

By Haylee H.