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This client, in particular was looking to begin applying for APS6 roles within various government departments. Whilst having relevant credentials, his experience did not reflect any of his previous roles in government and therefore, a creative approach was needed to ensure it was clear he could fulfill the job requirements. Once I was provided with all relevant information, prior to our consult, it was possible for me to draw parallels and direct the consult to related professional experience. In this case, his resume was reorganised, I created new headings and focused on transferable skills that would help the client stand out from competing applicants, as well as noting comparable achievements through out his working career.

Additionally, a two-page Statement of Claims was to also be written. During the consult, I encouraged a deeper insight into the examples of experience the client wanted to use and ensured that the points in the advertisement were reflected clearly in the document. The result was a flowing, succinct and easy-to-read statement that included fundamental information from the advertisement and highlighted the client’s professional strengths.

Throughout the process, the client himself was not always readily available to answer questions or provide prompt responses. However by remaining flexible and using various communication platforms, I was able to ensure I acquired the correct information and provide guidance in choosing the most suitable design. The overall result was a highly professional, accurate and well-articulated resume and statement that best depicted the client’s suitability for the advertised role.

Written by Kristie Moore.

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