Principal Business Analyst

The brief was to provide a two-page statement reflecting the candidate’s suitability for a Business Analyst role in the healthcare industry. The client had previously worked with Select Resumes with a different Writer, and wanted to incorporate some of the previous examples. The challenge was to produce a seamless document under one writing style, with previous examples reflecting the new criteria.

During the consult, the client produced new information regarding current projects that clearly aligned with the responsibilities for the new role. As the projects were yet to be complete,  it required the Result component of the STAR method to be adapted; showing how the project deliverables were clearly tracking well, obtaining strong stakeholder engagement, reversing negative opinions and achieving improvements to communications, relationships and business processes. For other points, we were able to draw on completed projects with clear outcomes.

The list of criteria was long and also needed to incorporate organisational values and key accountabilities, all to be completed within two pages. The nature of these jobs requires writing to be concise and direct. Each example provided the opportunity to address values such as teamwork, integrity and respect within the STAR method.

With extensive experience, qualifications and skills, the client can clearly demonstrate her suitability for the position.

Resume Writing Case Study


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