Registered Nurse Resume and Cover Letter by Ashleigh P.


This client had been taking some time off to focus on studying for a post-graduate course in paramedicine and emergency nursing. However, the client did not have any specific role they would like to target and realised they might not get straight back into emergency nursing.

To ensure the resume would be suitable for a position within any clinical setting, I outlined this in the career outlook and ensured that I did not focus too much on emergency or critical care skills. Additionally, within both the resume and cover letter, I provided in-depth detail on what the client has already done and how they could transfer these skills to any Registered Nurse position.

There were a few specific requests from the client that had to be included in the general cover letter, and with only one page, I ensured that all critical information was outlined, and I further demonstrated how the client would be an asset to any hospital.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the client had taken time away from work, so I strived to focus on the positive things the client had been doing in this time and how this would benefit their career.

I am confident the client has the skills and passion required to pursue any role, and I strived to prove this point in both the resume and cover letter.

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