Registered Primary Teacher


My client was a highly experienced primary school teacher, having taught in the same school for over 20 years. Seeking some new challenges, he was wanting a new resume and cover letter in readiness for upcoming positions of interest.

As he had taught within the same setting for such an extended period of time, it was important that his resume showed that he had kept abreast of the changes within his profession and that his approach was contemporary and innovative. The client had many examples to reflect this, including his expertise in technology in the classroom, in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, an interest in STEM and STEM skills, and a commitment to ensuring that his Year 6 students developed the skills to prepare them for secondary school and beyond. He was also skilled in differentiation to ensure all students achieved progress and had led many co-curricular activities that increased student participation, engagement and confidence.

The cover letter reflected the client’s ability to form relationships and showed a willingness to work in a team and share ideas, resources and strategies to achieve a whole-school plan and goals.

Although the client did not have a job to apply for at this stage, he now has strong, versatile documents that can easily be tweaked to suit specific school requirements and will be able to draw from his extensive skill set when compiling selection criteria in future.

Resume Writing Case Study


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