Talent Program Officer (APS5)


Position: Talent Program Officer

Organisation: The Australian Public Service Commission (APS5)

Service type: Professional Resume (3 pages) + 1-Page Pitch

Timeframe: 7 days – consult Wednesday, deliver Tuesday

Criteria addressed using STAR format:

  • Strong organisational and project management skills;
  • Resourcefulness and initiative to deliver results;
  • Ability to suggest improvements to current processes or practices;
  • Strong research and analytical skills;
  • Excellent stakeholder engagement and liaison skills;
  • Sound judgement and a willingness to take responsibility for completing tasks;
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to prepare clear, concise and accurate written communication;
  • A willingness to contribute to a positive work environment and culture.


With more than 15 years of APS5 contracting experience across various departments, this client is at the stage in their career where they are looking for a permanent appointment. Due to the client’s busy schedule, we broke the consult into two one-hour sessions – first discussing the resume detail and, secondly, the pitch. Using confident, active language, we were able to capture and convey not only the client’s immense skills and experience but how they would contribute to their success in the target role. After providing the draft to the client for review and feedback, we altered a few words to ensure the documents accurately reflected the client’s own communication style.

Client feedback:

“Shelley is wonderful. Thank you for pairing us up. Her ‘draft’ is amazing.”

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