Catholic School Teacher – Resume, Cover Letter, Selection Criteria (NSW)


The brief for the position was to prepare a professional teacher’s resume, cover letter and response to ten selection criteria for a Primary School Teacher in a NSW Catholic school.  Before the consultation, the client provided the link to the job she was applying for, her extensive resume and several links to teaching practices and pedagogies that resonated with her personal style.

In preparing for the consultation, I reviewed the documents and made a list of targeted questions to go through with the client.  With so much information to go through, the consultation was extended to ensure that we identified examples using the STAR methodology to support each claim for the criterion, including:

  • Practising Catholic with a current Parish Priest Reference (Primary and Religion Teachers);
  • Ability to articulate a clear understanding of and a personal commitment to Catholic Education and to actively supporting the Catholic ethos and culture of the school;
  • Ability to apply appropriate knowledge in order to plan and prepare contemporary and compliant teaching and learning programs in your nominated areas which meet the diverse characteristics, needs and learning styles of students;
  • Demonstrated use of relevant strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively utilise data to optimise educational outcomes;
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with school staff and members of the wider community in order to establish productive partnerships and achieve educational outcomes;
  • Demonstrated use of effective classroom communication strategies;
  • Demonstrated ability to inclusively and positively engage and support all students in the class.
  • Willingness to Comply or Compliance with the CSO Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead Policy. Category B or D – Accreditation to
  • Teach or Accreditation to Teach Religion

The client was somewhat overwhelmed by our extensive resume design selection, and requested some help on finding one for her.  Having spent so much time understanding the client’s style and personality during the consultation, I was able to recommend a design that reflected her dedication to the teaching profession and captured her fun, vibrant personality.  There was a design tweak needed though, because we wanted the resume to be three pages, and the wonderful Select Resumes Designer was able to help with that with no problem.

The client was so happy with the resume, cover letter and selection criteria response that when she found another role that she wanted to apply for with a few extra criteria, we turned it around in 48 hours for her.  The new criteria were:

  • Desire to contribute to the establishment of a staff-wide culture of professional learning, reading and reflective practice;
  • Demonstrate an innovative and agile mindset that supports and enhances a culture of continuous improvement within the school environment;
  • Evidence of excellent organisational and administrative skills.

The end result was a resume, cover letter and two selection criteria responses that demonstrated the incredible value this client would bring to the role.  And a very happy client!

“This is great, thank you so much!” 

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