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Graduate Nurse

The client had qualified as a nurse overseas and had recently completed the conversion course to work in Australia. She had also undertaken a master’s degree and was waiting on her registration to be finalised. With no specific role to apply for, but with a desire to work within the aged care area, I created a resume that highlighted her skills in this area.

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Education Program Manager

This client was changing her role from one of teacher to advisor in education within a company. She required a resume and 3 page cover letter which highlighted her knowledge of current educational thinking and initiatives as well as her ability to communicate with stakeholders at different levels.

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WA Graduate Teacher Resume

My client was changing her professional path from Nursing to Teaching and so I created a Resume which would focus on her teaching abilitiies. I felt the need to highlight the relevant skills from her previous expereince without overshadowing her teaching capabilities. My own expertise enabled me to use most up to date language for teaching positions.

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Registered Nurse Resume

The client has been working in a number of hospitals and residential settings during and after completing her Nursing degree. She is hoping to acquire a position within a hospital setting. The role she is applying for requires leadership skills and the ability to work autonomously and within a team.

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Professional Accountant Resume

The client has graduated as an Accountant and been working several part-time positions. She is eager to continue studying to become a Business Advisor for overseas clients. There has not been a specific role advertised as yet. However, she wanted to be a step ahead and have her Professional Resume completed for when the right job came up.

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Dorinnia B.

Dorinnia has been writing with Select Resumes for the past six months; she takes pride in her ability to write strong responses to selection criteria and powerful and eye-catching resumes and cover letters for clients across a wide range of professions, receiving very positive feedback from happy patrons.

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