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The remit for this was to write a Resume and Cover Letter for a client who was almost finished his nursing degree. Due completion in December, he wanted a professional resume that he could send off in advance to ensure he had a position as soon as possible after graduation.

The client was currently working through agencies as an Assistant in Nursing and as an Enrolled Endorsed Nurse, which had given him experience across various areas of hospital care. During the consultation, we discussed how best to showcase his experience and abilities, especially considering he wanted to keep the overall document to 3 pages.

When writing, I made sure to include all aspects of his experience and to highlight specific skills he had acquired through placements. As he had not completed all placements, I wrote the document so that he had no major details to add when he had finished.

As the client did not have details of referees, I left space for him to add these at a later date. With no particular job to apply for yet, I wrote the cover letter to reflect the professional he is and kept it fairly general so that it could be tweaked easily to answer the needs required by specific hospitals.


Industry: Graduate Nurse