APS5 Applications Require Strengthening

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A long-serving member of Australian law enforcement agencies, the client was looking to progress his career through the APS ranks. Having unsuccessfully applied for APS5 roles on a number of occasions, he decided to engage Select Resumes to assist him put together a stronger application as the feedback he was receiving was that he had the skills and knowledge, but his application needed to have more examples and he needed to think more about the APS Leadership Capability Framework when writing his next application.

Already fulfilling the APS5 role he was aiming for on a temporary basis, I consulted with the client to discuss strong examples of his capabilities and, whilst writing his application, aligned these with the APS Leadership Capability Framework and departmental strategic goals. With a strong history of performing tasks and decision making at the same level expected in this role in previous employment, I used the client’s resume to highlight this capacity as well as leading into several paragraphs in the application.

As the client was in a location with limited service, I wrote a draft of his application based on our short conversation and previous applications and emailed it to him for review. Now familiar with the type of information I, and APS recruitment teams, were looking for, he was able to provide additional STAR examples to support his application which I worked into his application and edited it down to fit the two-page maximum.