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Select Resumes provides a medical resume service that is extremely successful in gaining interviews for our medical clients. We have gained our client’s interviews at almost all of the major public and private hospitals in Australia. We have also assisted many graduate medical candidates in gaining their very first interview.

All Select Resumes clients are also covered by our 30-day guarantee and revision period, whereby any alterations that may be needed will be covered at no extra cost.

A career in medicine is highly sought after, and will always be a discipline with a high level of demand associated with it. A rewarding and long-lasting career is awaiting those who show the most dedication and determination throughout the rigorous training, study, and eventually a graduate position.

Having worked with hundreds of both senior and entry level medical candidates, Select Resumes gathers and interprets information via a phone consultation. After the resume writer has collected and compiled your information our process involves quality assurance with a professional editor, and finally, a professional resume design that can be tailored for either a conservative look or an industry-specific design similar to what we display in our resume examples galleries.

Select Resumes professional resume writers are highly experienced and share a comprehensive knowledge of HR and recruitment methods specific to the medical sector.

Select Resumes is committed to helping you realise your potential. We offer interview skills training and selection criteria writing along with our professional resume writing services.

We can help you secure your dream job. Contact us for information about how.

A great place to start when considering our resume service is our resume writer profiles to find the ideal writer for you.

Medical Resume Examples

Doctor Resume
Medical Scientist Resume
Medical Receptionist Resume
Doctor Resume

Doctor Resumes by Writers with Know How!

Medical Resume Writing ServicesMany employees in the medical professional lack the time to adequately prepare the best possible application when looking to progress their career. Between shift rotations and trying to find a work/ life balance, it becomes hard to find the time to comprehensively list your daily duties, skills, and achievements on paper. This is where Resume Writing Services can help!

One of Australia’s leading resume writing services have the experience and expertise to best prepare and format your next professional resume. If you have found the ideal position there is every chance there will be a selection criteria document required, or merit-based written application to address. Select Resumes has a skilled team of experienced human resource consultants with considerable proficiency in writing both selection criteria and resumes for Graduates, General Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, and many more.

When you have secured your interview with your new resume, you may wish to up-skill your interview skills. Select Resumes offers this service, as well as LinkedIn profile writing, to ensure your presence online is as professional as a candidate of your status should be.

If you would like to talk to us further about Doctor Resumes, we would love to hear from you.

Medical Scientist Resume

Medical Scientist Resumes for Medical Scientists

Medical ResumesAre you looking for the perfect Medical Scientist resume? Select Resumes is the ideal resume writing service to use when applying for your next Medical Scientist Position. From Graduate to Senior Scientist, or Key Operator to Management, our professional resume writers are well experienced to handle any type of medical or scientific resume. We are able to provide you with the best possible resume to confidently put forward for your next job application.

Select Resumes are one of Australia’s leading professional resume writing services and are also highly successful key selection criteria writers, and can provide expert interview skills coaching, for even the toughest of panel interviews.

If you are a medical scientist or in fact any type of scientist looking for a competitive edge for your job applications, please talk to Resume Writing Services about how we can further assist your career development.

This resume example is one of many you can view on our resume design gallery, please feel free to speak to a consultant about your specific needs.

Medical Receptionist Resume

A Winning Medical Receptionist Resume

Medical Receptionist ResumeMedical Receptionist roles can be very competitive in the application process. As often no tertiary qualifications are required, it is imperative to adequately detail your medical field experience on your medical receptionist resume. This provides your prospective employer with the skills and attributes that you will bring to their medical practice or organisation, and showcase specifically what skills you will offer.

Select Resumes is at the forefront of Australia’s professional resume writing services and we have the experience to best compile your relevant medical receptionist skills.

If you are looking to apply for roles in the public sector, Select Resumes can provide services to complete your key selection criteria. This may be in the form of a 2 or 3-page statement addressing the skills and responsibilities of the role. This concise application method has become quite a common application process in the health care fields. Our selection criteria writers are equipped for any style of key selection criteria recruitment process, Australia wide.

Select Resumes follow a four-stage process.

Our four-stage process works to get your resume and application noticed, read and remembered. Select Resumes will ensure that you present to potential employers in the most professional and polished way possible.

Resume Writing Phone Consultation1. Consultation
Complete our resume information form and provide us with any existing resume, then one of our writers will consult with you by phone about your career history, goals and preferences.


Resume Writing2. Writing
Your writer will then create a highly professional and persuasive resume from the information they have gathered from you.


Resume Editing3. Editing
The writer then sends your resume to an editor to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and general presentation of your information is flawless.


Resume Design4. Design
The editor delivers the completed, proofread draft to a graphic designer, who will create a unique professional design that will make your resume stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


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