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As a marketing professional, your resume needs to make a statement and promote your career and project achievements relevant to your potential role. At Select Resumes, our marketing resume writing services offers a professionally written, edited and designed product which will stand out to your future employer and make a statement.

Your marketing resume needs to focus on your ability to impact people, service people and make people happy, as well as form professional relationships and account management. At all levels of marketing, your marketing strategy, coupled with your customer service management skills, are paramount to gain the attention of an employer.

View our professional marketing resume examples by clicking on the links below. Whether you are an experienced marketing professional or trying to break into the industry as a graduate or from another industry, Select Resumes will consult with you to capture your capabilities, experience and transferable skills, and represent these in the best possible light within your resume document.

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Select Resumes is committed to helping you realise your potential. We offer interview skills training and selection criteria writing along with our professional resume writing services.

We can help you secure your dream job. Contact us for information about how.

A great place to start when considering our marketing resume service is our resume writer profiles to find the ideal writer for you.

Sales and Marketing Resume Examples

Sales Person Resume
Marketing Coordinator Resume
Marketing Manager Resume
Product Manager Resume
Communications Manager Resume
Sales Manager Resume
Sales Person Resume

A Sales Resume and Cover Letter That Can Close the Deal

Sales ResumeA good salesperson can be an incredible asset for any business and generate a great deal of leads and income for the entire company.

A strong sales leader, in many cases, is the foundation of a strong company. Your resume needs to present you as a strong and credible candidate. We can help.

Companies want a person who is an expert in marketing, pays attention to detail and has a high level of professionalism. With all the marketing resumes most businesses receive regularly, if you are looking for any type of Sales position, you need to have more than just years of experience to help back you up.

You want to have a resume that not only speaks volumes about your abilities but will demand the attention of potential employers. Select Resumes can help you create just such a document.

Select Resumes is a professional resume writing service that specializes in creating the perfect resume for whatever job you are going for in a wide variety of industries. After an in-depth consultation with you, they will search through all of your pertinent information and highlight the qualifications that you need noticed the most to help you get that sales position you want. Having the best sales resume that opens all the right doors to give you the best job opportunities.

Marketing Coordinator Resume

Professional Marketing Resumes to Help You Become a Marketing Coordinator

Professional Marketing ResumeMore and more businesses are turning to the skills of a Marketing Coordinator to help them promote their company, services and products. With the importance of technology and the use of social media becoming more prevalent, the skill set needed for this job has evolved quite a bit in recent years. When a business is looking to fill this position, they may have to go through a large volume of marketing resumes before they find the ideal candidate.

If you are seeking to become a Marketing Coordinator, you want to have a professional resume that you know addresses everything the industry is looking for today.

The professional resume writers at Select Resumes can work with you to help you create just the resume you need to stand above all of the other marketing resumes. We will consult closely with you so we are aware of all the vital experience, skills and achievements you have in your work and education career so they can be sure to consolidate all this information into a concise and well-written document potential employers want to see most.

Marketing Manager Resume

Is Your Marketing Manager Resume the Best it can be?

Marketing ResumeThe field of marketing has grown dramatically in the last ten years. With more versatile methods available and different strategies needed to approach potential customers, businesses are looking for innovative minds with unique approaches who can manage all types of marketing programs.

With marketing professionals and innovative designs, there is no better service than Resume Writing Services for your Marketing Manager resume.

Companies receive large volumes of marketing resumes when they are looking to fill positions like Marketing Manager, so if you are planning to apply for a position like this, you want to be sure that your Marketing Manager resume is absolutely the best it can be to give you the best chance at getting the job. Select Resumes can help you create just such a resume. The team of professional resume writers will go over all of your important skills, accomplishments, work experience, education and any pertinent information so we can fully understand the scope of your abilities and talents.

The Select Resumes team will write the ideal document for your Marketing Manager resume

The Select Resumes resume writing team will write the ideal professional document for your Marketing Manager resume, being sure to emphasize the critical marketing areas we know businesses look for most in marketing resumes. This can help to give you just the edge that you need when competing for a position, making it more likely that a potential employer will call you in for an interview.

Product Manager Resume

Your Product Manager Resume Should Stand Out

Marketing ManagerOne of the most important positions in many medium to large companies is that of the Product Manager. A good Product Manager will effectively research and develop products for their organisation or company. A person in this position needs to have a firm grasp on demographics, the product market, financing, marketing and more. This is a position of versatility, diversity, adaptability and detail-oriented.

Select Resumes will produce a resume in line with your standards as a product manager.

When a position of this nature is available, businesses typically receive a large volume of marketing resumes, making this a highly sought after and highly competitive job. If you want to enhance your chances of an interview, then you need to have a Select Resumes Product Manager resume that gives a business exactly what it is looking for.

We can help secure the position with structured interview coaching.

Select Resumes specialises in helping people create and write resumes that help them stand out from other applicants. We also provide interview skills coaching that will help you secure the role that you most desire.

The professional resume writers on staff use their vast knowledge and experience in diverse industries to help you showcase all of your work experience, education, skills and achievements into a concise and direct resume. The final product created for you is created specifically with your target industry in mind, making it more probably that your resume will get noticed and you will get that call for an interview based on your Product Manager resume.

At Select Resumes, we like to see ourselves as the ‘innovators’ of the world of resume writing. When Select Resumes creates any type of resume, professional, executive, mining or nursing resume, we want it to speak out and really take claim of your achievements, motivations and skills. Going through the resume writing process with Select Resumes will improve your career prospects and open up more employment opportunities for you.

Communications Manager Resume

Secure the Communications Manager Resume that You Deserve

Communications Resume WritingEvery business today has a need for people with excellent communications skills. Companies in all industries must communicate with customers and stakeholders on many levels and through a wide variety of mediums. The constant advances in technology make the position of Communications Manager an ever-changing position in many businesses, meaning that they are always looking through large quantities of marketing resumes in a search to find just the right person for the job. This can create the perfect opportunity for you if you have the Communications Manager resume that highlights your skills properly.

Select Resumes sees the bigger picture when it comes to Sales and Marketing Resumes

Select Resumes writers, editors and designers will consult directly with you to help better understand what all of your skills and experience are so they can place everything into its proper context for your targeted work opportunities.

We have wide experience in resume writing for numerous industries, which can help you immensely in elaborating on the pertinent skills potential employers really want to see when they are looking for a quality Communications Manager. Have the resume that calls out among all the other marketing resumes, consult with Select Resumes to help you get the job you have always wanted.

Sales Manager Resume

We Create Sales Manager Resumes that Convert

Sales Manager ResumeYou are a busy sales manager with sales representatives under you, targets to meet, marketing activities to coordinate, as well as team building and keeping the team positive. Your resume needs to condense all your tasks and skills into one coherent piece of writing. Who could you entrust to do this and present you with a professional resume that impresses from the get-go? That is what we here at Select Resumes are renowned for, impressive professional sales resumes that make your achievements stand out in the resume shortlist.

Our team of experts in resume writing, editing and design specialise in sales resumes that include the terminology of sales management and wow the reader with the professional design, as you can see by our many resume examples. Our service includes a 30-day correction guarantee so that if there is anything you would like to change, we will, of course, do it free of charge with this period. If you are seriously considering moving into sales management or want to gain a promotion in the field, let Select Resumes do the job for you, sit back and enjoy the superior results, and high interview conversion rates.

For more details about our range of services please get in touch with us today.

Select Resumes follow a four-stage process.

Our four-stage process works to get your resume and application noticed, read and remembered. Select Resumes will ensure that you present to potential employers in the most professional and polished way possible.

Resume Writing Phone Consultation1. Consultation
Complete our resume information form and provide us with any existing resume, then one of our writers will consult with you by phone about your career history, goals and preferences.


Resume Writing2. Writing
Your writer will then create a highly professional and persuasive resume from the information they have gathered from you.


Resume Editing3. Editing
The writer then sends your resume to an editor to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and general presentation of your information is flawless.


Resume Design4. Design
The editor delivers the completed, proofread draft to a graphic designer, who will create a unique professional design that will make your resume stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


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