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The brief for the position was to write a one-page statement/pitch for the client who was an experience Communications Officer. As the requirements for the pitch were extremely generic, the client sought assistance in developing a plan to showcase their skills and experience in the field. The client’s resume was already in good shape so it was only the pitch that required work.

During the consultation, I focused on a few aspects. Namely, why she wanted to work there, what value she could add, and how to demonstrate this with the assistance of three key examples of achievements. Fortunately, the client had worked in the position whilst on secondment and achieved a number of milestones, so these we used to create alignment with the organisational goals. The remained of the piece focused on some key strengths of the client and which also aligned well with the job description.

Although only one page as specified by the employer, the piece conveys the client’s strengths, skills in engagement, social media and stakeholder relationship building as well as some demonstrated work at the organisation to provide evidence of the client’s capability if successful in fulfilling the position.

Witten by Mark R.