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My client was a repeat client who had returned to our services to move to the next stage in her career, and into a Corporate Communications role for a Public-Sector organisation. The role is the perfect “next step” for the client’s career, however, she was having some trouble deciphering the requirements of the application. After analysing the position description, I was able to determine that the application called for the client to outline her experience in a Public Relations specific capacity through addressing the Key Result Areas and Duties, as follows;

Media and Public Relations

  • Plans, develops and implements corporate communications strategies for events and initiatives
  • Drafts media statements, speeches, briefing notes, background documents and ministerial communication
  • Responds to media queries, taking action when required
  • Delivers internal communications including staff communications on the intranet
  • Media reporting
  • Undertake research into media issues, speeches, briefing notes and other communications
  • Responsible for the production and distribution of the monthly internal newsletter
  • Develops and distributes Tourism WA’s Stakeholder newsletter
  • Contributes to the management and integrity of the Tourism WA corporate website
  • Ensures all corporate communications follow the TWA style guide and branding requirements
  • Assist with other corporate communications activities as required

Having worked with the client prior to this application, she was familiar with the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach, and had prepared some examples she felt would work in regards to the job description. Working through the details of each example, and ensuring I had enough information to complete the statement, I was able to write a statement which showcased my client’s expertise in Public Relations, and her suitability for the position. It’s always lovely to work with a past client, and I was honoured to work together in pursuit of this position. I look forward to hearing how she proceeds.

Written by Haylee H.