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The client has been working for a local Council and wanted to extend his experience to a Government role in a similar industry. The role of Communications Advisor that he was applying for comprised responsibilities such as managing communication and community engagement activities, as well as providing high-level services and advice to project management, technical and professional staff on community engagement, stakeholder relationships, issues and media management for a high-profile project. To apply for this role, the client was required to provide a cover letter (maximum two pages) outlining their skills and experience and ability to meet the following requirements of the role;

  • Community Engagement Uses knowledge of community engagement practices and strategies to provide high-level advice to management and ensure effective community and departmental outcomes
  • Executive Correspondence Uses an understanding of government, executive correspondence techniques to develop and tailor materials to enhance and maintain stakeholder relationships
  • Public Relations & Media Uses high-level understanding of public relations, corporate communication management, media, and government and district operations to guide strategies and activities and develop media resources to enhance the department’s reputation.
  • Project Management Applies relevant knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements
  • Teamwork and Collaboration Demonstrates an awareness of teamwork principles and works in accordance with these in a team environment

To put together this application, I engaged the client in a discussion about his transferable skills and experience and extracted a specific example that demonstrated each of the requirements. I ensured that he provided me with a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example to enable me to put together the responses using the STAR model. Because of the limit of two pages and cover letter format required, we decided collaboratively to present the information in short and concise paragraphs that addressed each of the requirements, as well as additional information such as qualifications and length of experience as stipulated in the position description. I also used keywords and a similar language and input additional information to show that he had a thorough knowledge of the role, the department, and the project he would be contributing to.

As a result of thoroughly preparing for the consultation by familiarising myself with the Government department and position description, I was able to expertly guide the client during the consultation, thereby ensuring that the examples he provided clearly demonstrated that he was well suited to the role. I am confident that the client presents as a strong applicant for this role and that we have assisted him considerably to increase the likelihood that he will be called in for an interview. I look forward to hearing back from the client to discuss the outcome.

Written by Emma D.

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