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The likelihood of an employer choosing your resume over those of other applicants directly depends on how well and quickly you can grab their attention. When applying for a teaching or other role in the education industry, it can take some time to put together an eye-catching application package! Whether you are a newly graduated teacher or looking to gain promotion to a leadership role, the competition can be tough! You must showcase your credentials, skills, and experience in just the right manner and the thought of doing so can be off-putting for most, meaning you may be missing out on those dream roles!

The team at Select Resumes appreciates that as a Teacher, you have already got a lot going on and writing your own resume, cover letter, key selection criteria, and even a LinkedIn profile, can be a challenge. It can be difficult to communicate your teaching experience without either downplaying your accomplishments or overstating your credentials. Most people are uncomfortable ‘selling themselves and thus, cannot write a persuasive application. Even English teachers find that writing an effective and compelling resume can be frustrating! Your documents should be a marketing tool, not a shopping list. Are they all they can be?

Education Resume Writing

You will be thrilled to know that our professional Writers at Select Resumes understand the importance of using the right keywords and speaking educational ‘lingo’. Specifically, we have a strong understanding of the teaching structure, including the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and National Curriculum. We are knowledgeable about the education industry and career trends, buzzwords and language that are specific to your profession. These words are essential to optimise your job search and need to be incorporated into your resume, cover letter, key selection criteria, and LinkedIn profile.

Select Resumes’ Writers pride themselves on writing tailored documents to communicate the unique value that you will bring to a school or educational organisation. As a highly accomplished resume writing service, we will collaborate with you to determine your strengths and selling points to position you ahead of your competition. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your documents. We are not just a technical writing company; we are a partner in helping you attain the position you desire. Each document is written from scratch to maximise its unique impact and ensure you the greatest potential for an interview. We believe that, in helping you succeed, we succeed as well. Your application documents are the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity and success – let Select Resumes make that key the strongest it can be.

Don’t put off your dream teacher, school administrator, or any other education role anymore; let Select Resumes help move your career forward!

Whether you are a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary level Teacher or Lecturer, Select Resumes can provide you with a high quality and appropriate teacher’s resume, as well as assist you in writing your selection criteria. We also write high quality early childhood and government education selection criteria.

Your teaching career, whether at an experienced or graduate level, can take the next step with a professionally written, edited and designed resume from Resume Writing Services.

Select Resumes will capture your ability to demonstrate skills in the development of lesson plans and implementation of programs aligned with curriculum, as well as your skills in assessment and reporting. Your communication skills, both written and verbal, can be demonstrated for you and most importantly, your ability to engage and motivate students to learn, at any level.

So, whether you are moving into a teaching career, or whether you have 20 years of experience, Select Resumes has knowledgeable and experienced teaching resume writers waiting to produce a professional resume to help you deliver the right message to your future school.

Select Resumes is committed to helping you realise your potential. We offer interview skills training and selection criteria writing along with our professional resume writing services.

We can help you secure your dream job. Contact us for information about how.

A great place to start when considering our teaching resume service is our resume writer profiles to find the ideal writer for you.

Teaching Resume Examples

Primary School Teacher ResumeAs a committed Primary level Teacher, your resume needs to convey your skills and experience in providing high-level programs to students, with a focus on curriculum requirements and reporting and assessment of students. In addition, your skills in ICT within the classroom, as well as your ability to differentiate programs for different learners, are important skills to convey within your resume.

Equally, if you are a Graduate Teacher applying for positions, the demonstration of formal learning and practical experience through placements will allow the school to judge you on your skills, not on your resume. Resume Writing Services has experienced and professional writers to assist you in ensuring your resume conveys the best you to your potential school.

Primary level teaching in each state can have different requirements, and at Select Resumes we have writers in most states with a good understanding of the differences and how to address them in your resume.

Select Resumes also offers a Selection Criteria writing service which can further assist you to gain the primary level teaching role you desire.

What happens once you place an order…

Our unique process guarantees that every document is reviewed by a professional writer, editor and designer to ensure a high-quality end product. From the phone consultation through to you receiving your documents, the standard turnaround time is 7 days unless you have specified that you require an express service.

1. Email Confirmation
Once you have made an order you will receive an email confirming your payment and other details about your order including the Resume Information Form.

2. Arrange a time
Your assigned Writer makes contact with you by phone and/or email to arrange your phone consultation. Please ensure you schedule a time you will be able to give your full attention to the Writer and email through any relevant documents.

3. Phone Consultation
You and the Writer have a phone based consultation which will last about 30 – 45 minutes. The Writer will ask you questions about your career history, yourself, your professional goals and preferences.

4. Writing
Your Writer will now use all the information you have sent by email as well as the notes from your phone consultation and create the most professional and enticing resume you’ve ever had.

5. Editing
Your Writer sends your completed resume to the Editor who ensures punctuation; grammar and other errors are eliminated.

6. Professional Design
The Editor sends your completed resume to the Graphic Artist, who will create an eye-catching, unique, professional design to present your resume so that it stands out from the crowd.

7. Receive your documents
The Graphic Artist sends your career document/s to you as an editable Word document and PDF.

8. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs
During this time you can request any revisions or amendments to any part of the writing, editing and design process.


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