Case Study Principal – Resume Update and Key Selection Criteria by Jennifer C.


With extensive experience as a department head in a high-performance school, this client is ready to meet the challenge of a role as Principal in a high school in regional Queensland. Key to the role is delivering the department of education’s vision, improving the educational outcomes of students in their schools, developing the quality of teaching and learning, and nurturing positive relationships between students, teachers, the community, and stakeholders.

This application called for a three-page resume and a two-page statement addressing the following key selection criteria:

  1. Demonstrated leadership of a curriculum, teaching and learning environment, leading to the achievement of quality learning outcomes for all students.
  2. Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community.
  3. Demonstrated strategic thinking and analytical skills and the ability to use those to influence the educational agenda for state schooling.
  4. Demonstrated ability to manage effectively human, financial and physical resources to deliver high-quality organisational outcomes.
  5. Demonstrated capacity to develop and maintain an organisational culture based on ethical professional and personal behaviours and corporate values.

As I had worked with this client before, we already had a productive and collaborative working relationship in place, and the client had a clear understanding of the STAR approach to Key Selection Criteria examples. Therefore, to put together this application, we discussed his recent achievements and his goals pertaining to the position of Principal in order, and I ensured that he provided me with a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example to enable me to write the responses which were presented in a two-page statement.

As a result of our thorough consultation and careful attention to detail, the client now has a bright and fresh resume tailored to this new application. The examples he provided clearly demonstrated his leadership strengths and ability to meet the key selection criteria. I am confident that the client presents as a strong candidate for this role, and it was a pleasure to work with him again.

Industry: Education, principal

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