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General Resume Aimed at a Specific Industry

A young, enthusiastic and capable applicant looking to stabilise his career, take on more responsibility and exert his ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment. At the beginning of his career, after working in a number of sectors including as an owner/operator, this client had honed in on the industry he was most intent on conquering.

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Team Leader for the Fair Work Ombudsman

With extensive experience working for the Department of Human Services in a highly involved, complex and confronting role, the client was looking for a change where she could still utilise her skillset within a leadership position. Through feedback she had received after presenting Selection Criteria for other roles, she expressed that despite the adequate representation of the requisites needed for the applications she had been told that her examples were too confronting. 

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Experienced Assistant Accountant Resume

In this case, the client was well qualified and suited to the role they were wanting to apply for, but they were unsure how to encompass and express their attributes, suitability and professional development within only a two-page resume. To help get to know the client better, I first talked about her goals, where she would like to see her self and why she had a passion for accounting.

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Australian Border Force – Senior Border Force Officer – Trainer

A one page pitch for an experienced Border Force Officer moving into a more senior position. Through the first successful application I had written for her, the client had secured an interview. However, due to the lengthy recruitment process for the role, she had decided that she wanted to apply for this position as well, while she waited to hear if she had been successful.

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