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As a soon to be Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery graduate, this client was looking for a comprehensive and succinct resume and cover letter that accurately reflected her unique experience through exchange programs and voluntary work in third world countries. The client had a clear understanding of what fields she wanted to work in and was aiming to be accepted into a graduate nursing program.

With the information provided, I was able to conduct a positive consultation, where I aided in drawing out and discussing key experiences for the client throughout her practicum placements. In turn, this assisted me in highlighting the uniqueness of the client’s experience, ensuring she would stand out from the crowd during the application intake process.

Being that she was also looking to apply for other roles as a backup, I created a cover letter for her that not only could be used for the graduate program application but one that she could easily edit in order to apply suitably for other roles. All in all, as a result of a productive consultation and a strong rapport, I was able to work effectively in achieving the desires of the client and produce a high-quality Resume and Cover Letter.

Industry: Graduate Nurse

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