Experienced, Multi-Industry Accountant, Bookkeeper and Business Consultant

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As an experienced, accomplished and multifaceted professional this client was looking to expand on her own business she had been running for over 15 years but hadn’t had the chance to expand on. Through consultation, I was able to hone in on the unique skills she had developed over her working life in addition to her recently acquired accounting qualifications. She was after quite a unique spin on the standard resume and cover letter and was looking to develop documents that could be used to offer small and medium businesses a summary and overview of the services she could offer as a Business Consultant, Accountant and Bookkeeper.

In this instance it was really important to the client that her past experience as a Project Manager, Consultant and knowledge in IT were highlighted, offering a point of difference to potential clients. Working to these desires I added customised headings and a slightly different layout ensuring these attributes stood out. All in all, the client was extremely happy with her documents.  The result embodied a professional and easily digested portfolio of experience and services on offer.

In a reflection of her satisfaction with the accountant resume I had created, the client then decided to work with me to update, edit and reorganise her LinkedIn profile. Being that we had already consulted and I had a comprehensive understanding for where the client wanted to place her business in the market, I worked to further highlight this in her profile. We approached the profile with a different take and utilised some of the sections creatively to drive the flexibility of the services and allow prospective clients to gain an understanding of the broad range of benefits she could offer their business.

Written by Kristie Moore.