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Encompassing the broad range of allied health resume writing services, including Aged Care Workers, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and many more examples, Select Resumes can tailor a resume to your situation to assist you in getting that interview.

Highlighting your knowledge, skills and experience in paid work and voluntary roles and within both commercial and community-based environments, we can tease out every ounce of your relevant skills to do the job.

In the current highly competitive job market, with hundreds of applications for each position advertised, a highly professional and well written allied health resume could make the difference between getting that interview or missing out, again.

You know what it is you do each day, however, getting that down in writing can be difficult. Our professional team of writers will consult with you over the phone and present you in the best light for the role you really want.

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Select Resumes is committed to helping you realise your potential. We offer interview skills training and selection criteria writing along with our professional resume writing services.

We can help you secure your dream job. Contact us for information about how.

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Allied Health Resume Examples

Aged Care Resume
Pharmacy Assistant Resume
Psychologist Resume
Medical Administration Resume
Pharmacist Resume
Social Worker Resume
Counsellor Resume
Aged Care Resume

An Aged Care Worker Resume that Will Support Your Career

Aged Care Resume

As an aged care worker, you are responsible for the wellbeing and care of senior citizens. But you also have to be knowledgeable about rules, regulations and laws regarding aged care. To get into this business or achieve that long-for promotion, look to Select Resumes to prepare a professional resume for you.

You want your resume to wow allied health employers immediately and we can provide that service. We have produced hundreds of aged care workers’ resumes – resumes that highlight your experience and qualifications and, more importantly, we produce professional resumes that attract a high response rate from interviewers.

So if you are looking to update or start from scratch, you can take advantage of our streamlined process for professional writing. It starts with an in-depth consultation with your writer, who then passes the writing on to our editor, who then passes it on to our design team. This group transfer the words on the page and format them into a stunning and impressive aged care resume to impress all readers. Do not delay, kick-start your career in aged care today!

Pharmacy Assistant Resume

A Pharmacy Assistant Resume to Help You Step Up!

Healthcare ResumeA certified Pharmacy Assistant is an important and valued profession in any local community. In this Allied Health field, your role as a Pharmacy Assistant requires the highest of standards in quality care as well as the healthcare expertise that will form an invaluable trust and a strong bond with your customers. Here at Select Resumes, we excel in ensuring your prospective employer will recognise the many contributions you will personally bring to the pharmacy environment.

Your Pharmacy Assistant Resume will need to reveal the diverse range of abilities that you have acquired. One of our experienced writers in health care will help you to explore these abilities through an interview process. The Select Resumes team will ensure that your professional Pharmacy Assistant Resume will focus on your future goals as well as each skill you have achieved to date. Our writing team will highlight your S2/S3 certification, dispense technician grading and focus on any experience you may have in beauty, NDSS, vitamin health and any other professional accomplishments.

Whether you are a long-standing and experienced Pharmacy Assistant or just beginning in the industry, take a positive step in showcasing your achievements with a professionally written Pharmacy Assistant Resume to help make you a number one candidate.

Psychologist Resume

Create a Psychologist Resume with Select Resumes

Psychologist ResumeThere are thousands of people employed as Allied Health professionals. This covers many areas outside of medical areas that require a medical degree, such as nursing, medicine or pharmacy. Among the more important areas that fall into this area are psychologists. There are all kinds of positions in various areas where quality psychologists are needed, meaning there are a large number of Allied Health resumes circulating for people who specialize in psychology. If you are looking to fill a position in the area of psychology, you will need to create a high-quality psychologist resume in order for you to stand out to potential employers.

Select Resumes will create a Psychologist Resume that portrays the right message

There are many people who have experience in the psychology field, so you need to have a Psychologist resume that places special emphasis on any special skills or experience you may have, this may include volunteer or community work. With the help of Select Resumes, you can create a resume that will get you noticed.

The professional resume writers at Select Resumes will work closely with you to help you properly elaborate on your special skills and abilities.

A number of Select Resumes writers are very familiar with Allied Health resumes and what companies are looking for so we can help you tailor your resume for these specifics to give you an edge in getting an interview.

Medical Administration Resume

Allied Health ResumeMedical centre or hospital administration roles can be very competitive in the application process. Whilst no medical or tertiary qualifications are required, your experience is key. It becomes important to detail your experience in an engaging manner to the HR consultant. As a skills-based resume, clear concise terminology should be used throughout with an eye-catching yet simple design

Just as you need experience for the role, you should use a resume writer that has experience in writing across all areas of the medical industry, from resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria, APS standards and LinkedIn profiles, to present yourself the best way possible.

Select Resumes is at the forefront of Australia’s professional resume writing services and we have the experience to best compile your relevant skills. Select Resumes is the ideal business to consult when you are looking to develop and enhance your career in the medical administrative arena. Select Resumes also provides interview skills coaching, if you require more information on any of these resume and career services, call us today.

Pharmacist Resume

A Pharmacist Resume that Dispenses Job Interviews!

Allied Health ResumeAs a Pharmacist, you are undoubtedly one of our most trusted healthcare professionals in the Allied Health group. Your expertise in understanding the essential facts of medicine and giving empathetic advice works hand-in-hand with the high focus you place on patient relationships and the trust that you attain. In order to showcase not only your Pharmacist degree but also your interpersonal skills, your ability to carry out health checks and supervising and management skills, it is of abundant importance to stand out from your peers in this high demand industry with a professional Pharmacist Resume.

At Select Resumes we will develop a professional and individually catered Pharmacist Resume to display your various specialised abilities. We understand your genuine passion and your advanced knowledge of medicine and will highlight your clinical expertise. One of our expert health care or allied health writers will consult with you personally to elaborate on your pharmaceutical achievements and contributions to help design your professional Pharmacist Resume.

Whether you have just completed your pre-reg placement or you are an established pharmacist with years of achievements, one of our attractive professional Pharmacist resume designs, backed by our superior writing process, will be sure to enhance your prospective career applications.

Social Worker Resume

The Right Social Worker Resume Can Make a Difference

Social Worker ResumeDoing any type of social work takes a special type of person. It is often hard work, with long days that can be emotionally draining. A quality social worker must have vast knowledge in a wide variety of areas so that can relate both to government agencies, healthcare professionals and the clients they are serving. When there is a job posting for a social worker, there are usually many Allied Health resumes that come in looking to fill the position. If you are interested in this noble profession and have the experience, then you need to have just the right Social Worker resume to help you get the job.

Select Resumes takes the time to listen to your individual career story, in order to produce something amazing that can help you make a difference in your career.

The professional resume writing services offered by Select Resumes can help you create and write the professional resume you need to get the proper notice. They will consult with you directly so they can write your Social Worker resume, highlighting all the necessary skills, education and experience that Allied Health professionals often look for when looking to fill these jobs. Select Resumes will give you a final product that you will be proud to send out to help you get that Social Worker position you want.

Counsellor Resume

Select Resumes Can Help with a Quality Counsellor Resume

Allied Health ResumeThere is a constant need for quality Counsellors in the world today. More and more people are turning to counseling as a way to help themselves or family members, making the need even greater with the stresses in society today. A person with the proper education and experience can get job opportunities, but the problem is that the system receives so many Allied Health resumes that it can be difficult for even a well-qualified candidate to stand out if they have just an ordinary resume.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should consider turning to Select Resumes to help you create a quality Counsellor resume.

Select Resumes is a professional resume writing service that can help you craft the professional Counsellor resume that will give you an edge over other applicants. After an extensive consultation with you, the writers will then work with the skills, experience and educational information you have provided to highlight all your strong points in the proper way to give you a complete and concise resume to submit to potential employers. Select Resumes will help for your document stand out over the many Allied Health resumes that may be received and get you the interviews.

Select Resumes follow a four-stage process.

Our four-stage process works to get your resume and application noticed, read and remembered. Select Resumes will ensure that you present to potential employers in the most professional and polished way possible.

Resume Writing Phone Consultation1. Consultation
Complete our resume information form and provide us with any existing resume, then one of our writers will consult with you by phone about your career history, goals and preferences.


Resume Writing2. Writing
Your writer will then create a highly professional and persuasive resume from the information they have gathered from you.


Resume Editing3. Editing
The writer then sends your resume to an editor to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and general presentation of your information is flawless.


Resume Design4. Design
The editor delivers the completed, proofread draft to a graphic designer, who will create a unique professional design that will make your resume stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


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