Case Study – Child Health Nurse Resume by Rachael L.


The client, an experienced Clinical Nurse in family health settings, came to Select Resumes for a resume update due to relocation. The roles she will be applying for are similar to her current position, comprising of responsibilities such as facilitating and leading health programs in the community; providing early intervention, support and encouragement for families in critical stages of development; as well as training and mentoring less experienced staff members. A leader in her field, this resume required a refresh that showcased her many skills and achievements, such as

  • Comprehensive Patient Care: Providing advanced knowledge in child and family health to support and educate clients on a large variety of subjects, including breastfeeding, nutrition, contraception, growth and development, immunisation, introduction to solids, SUDI and safe sleeping, sleep and settling, healthy hearing, reports and behaviour management
  • Advanced Leadership: Ability to manage and coordinate multidisciplinary teams throughout several fast-paced clinics in acute hospital, outpatient service, research and community health settings
  • Communication and Liaison: Working with families to achieve their goals through the provision of development assessments, lactation support, comprehensive family assessments and health histories
  • Innovation: Prioritising the upkeep of knowledge and mandatory competencies by participating in as many educational opportunities as possible, ensuring patients receive the best and most current practices of care

 To update this resume, I encouraged the client to consider how their key skills and attributes produced tangible achievements and outcomes in the workplace. To do so, I asked her to provide me with clear Situations, Tasks, Actions and Results, using the STAR model to elicit responses that will catch her future employer’s attention. Because this client is a leader in her field, we collaboratively went through which experience and responsibilities were necessary to draw attention to before reducing irrelevant or expected information. Then, after a telephone consultation and email correspondence, I was able to use keywords and similar language to write a resume showcasing the client’s capabilities.

The thorough preparation prior to the consultation meant I was able to ask the right questions to learn what drives this client to succeed, thus drawing out her many strengths and achievements. As a result, this client will be a strong applicant for any role she applies for, made stronger by a resume that embodies her talent and experience.

Resume Writing Case Study


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