Registered Nurse – ICU


The client was completing the final months of her RN Graduate Nursing Program and had been asked to submit a resume and Expression of Interest cover letter for ongoing employment. In addition, all applicants were also asked to submit their Clinical Area of Preference, and my client’s preference was the ICU.

During the consultation, we discussed her previous experiences as an Enrolled Nurse, which strengthened her application. Despite having 18 years of experience, it was important to showcase the client’s willingness to continually learn and engage in professional development and her eagerness to increase her scope of practice. A good deal of her career history centred around aged care and surgical wards, and she wanted to clarify that her interests lay in acute nursing, providing critical care and supporting patients with complex needs. In order to do this, I highlighted her skills in thorough assessments, monitoring and observations, her methodical nature, and her ability to recognise clinical deterioration and respond quickly to changing situations.

The client’s genuine warmth and love of her profession was clear during the consultation, and I wanted to ensure this came across through the writing. It was also crucial to link her responsibilities and actions with the hospital’s values, which are an important part of their identity as they move under a new organisational umbrella.

In showing her experiences in providing critical care and willingness to continually learn in a constantly evolving profession, the client is in good stead to receive her first or second clinical area preference and move into ongoing employment in a role that she loves.

Resume Writing Case Study


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