Graduate Enrolled Nurse (EN)


This order involved a new resume and a three-part Key Selection Criteria for a final year Enrolled Nurse student seeking placement on a Graduate Nursing Program. The advert listed three criterion points to be addressed, using nursing examples from the client’s clinical experiences to demonstrate knowledge:

  1. An overview of demonstrated clinical knowledge in the delivery and improvement of safe, evidence-based nursing care within a clinical setting.
  2. An overview of  demonstrated ability to work within a team in a clinical setting and practice in accordance with the NMBA professional standards
  3. Reasons for applying to participate in a Graduate Nursing and or Midwifery Program

The client had worked within three separate clinical settings during her placements and was able to clearly demonstrate examples. With experience as an Enrolled Nurse in mental health, rehabilitation and aged care, she had specific examples relating to her role in a situation of clinical deterioration and when she formed part of a team that provided a complex mental health care plan for a vulnerable patient. In each scenario, a clear STAR method was used, outlining the situation, the client’s tasks and actions, and the result;  incorporating keywords from the NMBA standards.

In the resume, the client had extensive previous hospitality experience where I was able to draw valuable skills such as communication, organisation, customer service, education and teamwork. With competition for graduate nursing programs being high, it is hoped that a tight, professional resume and selection criteria that showcase the client’s compassion, skills and knowledge as an Enrolled Nurse, as well as her eagerness to learn and excel; will set her apart from other candidates.

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