Maintenance Officer Expression of Interest Case Study by Ashleigh P.


The client had been working in the advertised position as an Acting Maintenance Officer for approximately 18 months, and they just wanted to secure the permanent position. The client was competent in performing this role and needed help in preparing the resume and two-page expression of interest document.

The position included key responsibilities such as procurement, administration, fleet control, liaising with key stakeholders and ensuring the teams had the required plant and equipment to do their job. To apply for this role, the client was required to prepare a maximum of two pages outlining their suitability against the key selection criteria:

  • Sound knowledge of procurement/office/ administrative systems and procedures, including records management, compliance and audits
  • Ability to analyse and interpret complex data/information
  • Demonstrated experience in working in a complex multi-task environment to deadlines and under pressure
  • Strong organisational and coordination abilities with the ability to be adaptable
  • Ability to implement process improvements
  • Demonstrated effective oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills and highly skilled in the use of personal computers and related software packages such as Microsoft Office, Databases, Management Systems to an advanced level
  • Hold a current NSW Class C driver’s license preferred

Before the phone consultation, I prepared the client via email by explaining the STAR examples required to address the selection criteria and asked them to reflect on the position they were currently doing to generate some great examples. As the client was already performing the position, I asked them to reflect on what they were currently doing and think of examples that directly relate to the current role.

The examples were really important in this case, as the client was doing the role for some time, and they would be expected to be well-versed in all key responsibilities. As we only had a two-page word limit, I could not provide an example for each selection criteria point, so there were a couple of criteria that we joined together to effectively demonstrate their ability to meet the position requirements.

The client was very confident in the position they were doing and just struggled to clearly articulate this on paper. The examples were strong, and I believe they are well-position in this application.

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