Is it Ever OK to be Friends With Your Boss?

An essential skill is to build good professional relationships with your work colleagues, including your boss. But the operative word in that sentence is ‘professional’. Should you ever be friends with your boss? Or is there a line beyond which you should not cross when it comes to friendships with your superiors?

Surely it’s OK, even sensible, to friend your boss on social media? Well, what might seem like a harmless open gesture could have unpleasant ramifications. We tend to be unguarded on social media. And even if we aren’t, you can be tagged in a post by someone who is. If you’re savvy, one way around this is to Friend your boss but protect your privacy from them. On Facebook, you can do this by adding your boss to a List, and then excluding that list from seeing certain info. Also, be sure to prevent other friends from being able to tag you in photos or check you into locations without your permission. Otherwise, you may unknowingly pop up somewhere embarrassing.

Can you be freinds with your boss?

In an office environment, there is always a social aspect to the work. This is a desirable, if not an essential part of work. Having drinks after work has been with us since time immemorial and will continue to be so. 

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