KSC for Business Support Officer


The client has been working as a Business Support Officer for the past five months on a contractual basis; however, due to a recent restructure, she is required to apply for the permanent position. The advertised Business Support Officer role includes responsibilities such as providing support to the senior executive, arranging work schedules, agendas, briefs, board meetings and mediating between all internal and external stakeholders. To apply for this role, the client had to prepare five key selection criteria points at 300 words each. To prepare the KSC, I focused on the following points:

  1. Leadership and Accountability 
  2. Management Diversity and Span 
  3. Job Context and Environment 
  4. Independence and decision-making 
  5. Stakeholder Management 

As the client is already working for the agency in the advertised position and has completed KSC before, I had a discussion with her about using examples from the role she is doing so the panel can see how she is succeeding in the advertised position. The client struggled a little bit with some points as there was some duplication, so for each point, I asked her to give me information on her daily activities, and from there, we got some workable examples. With only 300 words per criterion, I gave a brief introduction highlighting her skills and then provided a specific example addressing all subheadings. The client works very well with the senior executive officer and is performing the role well, so I am confident that she has a strong application.

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