Financial Administration/Small Business


My client, with a strong background in Financial Administration/Small Business, has been operating a successful small business for some time; however, the impacts of COVID-19 have meant that she sadly has to close. In light of this, she is seeking to return to the workforce with a background in financial administration and banking, in addition to all aspects of small business management. The client had not updated her resume for many years and had ordered a resume and generic cover letter to assist her in attaining a suitable role in finance or administration related roles. Her skills include;

  • Leadership and management

Has successfully operated a small business employing thirty staff, a small fleet of trucks and servicing a vast area and a large number of diverse clientele. She oversees all aspects of operations, including liaison with stakeholders, planning and coordination of service delivery, recruitment, training and management of staff

  • Financial administration

Passionate about working with numbers and has high financial literacy skills. Prior roles in financial administration required an exemplary degree of accuracy and the meeting of strict deadlines.

  • Interpersonal and customer service

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, building positive relationships with staff, stakeholders and customers and maintaining a respected brand in the community. Ability to communicate via a range of mediums and platforms

To put together this application, I engaged the client in a discussion about the details of her small business operations and sought to draw out key achievements, which identified leadership, creativity, decision making, problem-solving, and high-level communication skills having navigated the difficulties associated with operating a business in light of COVID-19 economic impacts. I went on to further explore the client’s employment history, which highlighted advanced financial literacy, organisation and planning skills, along with the ability to work with a high degree of accuracy and meeting strict deadlines.

As a result of preparing for the consultation by familiarising myself with the client’s company, employment history information and position descriptions relevant to previously held roles, I was able to direct the conversation to ascertain a clear picture of my client and her career outlook. I am confident that the end product will achieve results for my client in securing her interviews in desired fields.

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